The combination effect: Las Palmas and Riga

Once more AEGEEans have proved that distance is not an obstacle to carry out our favorite activities on our European playground. Despite having more than 4000 km separating them and many differences between each other, Las Palmas GC and Riga found their similarities and are Twin Antennae today.

It was at the Autumn General Assembly in Istanbul where our association witnessed what today is an incredible sisterhood and co-operative bond. Members of both locals – those coming from Aristotle’s lost continent of Atlantis later on denominated Canary Islands and those from the biggest city in the Baltic States and European Capital of Culture 2014 – signed a contract which turned out to change their lives. What followed this fraternization was  a year of training exchanges, knowledge transfers between locals, Youth in Action exchange projects and many other initiatives which have contributed not only to widening each and every one of our horizons, but have also developed a very strong friendship which will last for many years, bringing together many more idealistic and inspiring initiatives.

Thanks to the Network Commission’s Twin Antennae project both AEGEE-Las Palmas and AEGEE-Riga are discovering new realities, exchanging, learning, feeling and living experiences they will never forget.  A living example of European Youth Cooperation; an initiative  which will contribute to the development of our members as future active citizens of Europe.

There is something we will always remember: AEGEE-Las Palmas loves AEGEE-Riga and will always do.

By having each other’s support we are welcoming the future full of motivation, inspiration, and desire to continue contributing in the place we call home, Europe.

written by Luis Alvarado Martínez, Network Commission and AEGEE-Las Palmas