ACA’s list keeps growing and growing!

We are happy to introduce you the Academy’s newest members, Katre Helena, Hara Kogkou and Kathrin Renner.

Katre Helena

I am Katre-Helena from AEGEE-Tartu and I have been an AEGEE member already for quite a few years. AEGEE has changed me in many ways and I have never regretted joining it. Now being in Academy will give me finally a chance to give something back to the organisation and let me experience it in a whole new level – as a trainer.  I would describe myself as a realistic and analytical person, who is in the other hand always ready for new challenges. I seek constant development and believe that the best moments in your life are connected with things you have done and with whom you have experienced it. About my hobbies – I would say my biggest hobby among others is traveling like majority of AEGEE members. My long term wish now is to do some backpacking in Far East.


Hara Kogkou

I am Hara and I am a member of my beloved antenna Peiraias for the last 4 years. I loved AEGEE since the beginning, but what I am completely passionate about is the Summer University, and this is why I joined the SUCT for the second year. A known secret: I have never participated in a Summer University..simply because I love organising them! I like challenges and that is why I decided to join the Academy: to get and give. Get, by learning and developing myself; give, by transmitting to other members what my experience has taught me so far.


Kathrin Renner

My name is Kathrin, I am 22 and I joined AEGEE in 2009. My first European event was ES1 Riga, and ever since then I have been in love with trainings. Why? Because it doesn’t only give you the knowledge, skills and tools you use in your daily AEGEE-life, but it helps you to understand who you are and and how much further you can go. We can always improve ourselves, and the best place to do so is trainings, since nowhere else you have the chance to experiment so much, challenge yourself, push yourself out of your comfort zone and grow in a save environment for you. As a trainer, I want to support participants in achieving their full potential. Because the more our members are aware of their potential, the more potential we have as AEGEE.

Written by the Academy