RoRTC – Romanian-speaking locals gathering at Păltiniș

Last weekend, probably the first Regional Training Course with the Romanian-speaking locals in the last decade took place. The initiative came from AEGEE-Bucureşti, but what was amazing and truly AEGEE-spirited was that all the locals were involved: AEGEE-Ploieşti were the ones who applied for the financial support, AEGEE-Sibiu took care of the accommodation and logistics, AEGEE-Iasi and AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca brought a vivid army of old and new members, while AEGEE-Chișinău provided the fundraising (FR) trainer, Andrei Martalog.

Besides FR, which is always a bit trickier to do, members from the aforementioned locals also felt the need to know how to motivate their colleagues and teams better. For this reason, the Project Manager, Andra Berilă, issued an open call for a trainer from the Academy. This is how Bernadett (Berni) Polya (AEGEE-Budapest), and her friend and often co-trainer, Irina Buruiană got involved with the project.

How did you come up with the idea of a Regional Training Course?

Andra Berilă: I received a mail with an open call for Local Training Courses from AEGEE Europe. One of the members proposed to have a Regional Training Course, so it would be more significant. And if it is regional, why not involve all the Romanian speaking locals of AEGEE? We all agreed it would be great to have a chance to meet people from other Romanian speaking locals of AEGEE. The name was easy: regional training course.

What were the difficult moments in organising the event?

Andra: At first, a lot of people were interested in this project and I had quite a big team. Unfortunately, some of them got involved in other projects and could not help me anymore, while others got a job. In the end I had just two people that helped me with e-mails and other tasks, plus some help from the Fundraising Responsible. But all in all, I guess we were more efficient this way. And we were all new members! It was my first project to manage, but things were not hard to do and I had enough time to prepare everything needed.

Another challenging moment was a few days before the RTC, when Danone, our partner, delivered yoghurts for the event. I found out there was nobody to receive them in Păltiniș, so I had to redirect them to Sibiu. AEGEE-Sibiu helped us and even though it was really stressful (we did not have the driver’s number), everything went okay and we had a lot of delicious yoghurts to enjoy during the weekend! Thank you AEGEE-Sibiu!

How did the RTC go? Was it productive?

Andra: The RTC comprised all the essential parts of an AEGEE event: interactive trainings, fun activities, parties and, of course, a bit of drinking. Actually, the RTC was motivating for all of us. The aim of the project was achieved and we are going to make the RTC Ro a tradition. We have also decided we are going to collaborate on some future events.

Can you brief us shortly on your programme?

Andra: Sure. We had two interactive trainings: one on team building and motivation, and the other on fundraising and budgeting. On Friday and Saturday evening we had some awesome parties and the best was the “Back in High School” party. What else… games, a write-the-budget-for-an-RTC workshop, and finally, volleyball!

Let’s also check the input from members of other locals:

Raluca Roca (AEGEE-Sibiu) : Incredible! Motivating! Made us want to get up and do something.

Ioana Duca (AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca): The best weekend: trainings, workshops, games, songs, parties… I really feel that now, we are starting to become like a family: sharing, caring about the other antennae… I am sure that we will grow together and we will have many projects and results… and the most important thing: we will all be together in this! I cannot wait for the next RTC!

Andra Nicu (AEGEE-Ploiești): Mind-blowing RTC! The only thing that we did was talk about AEGEE! Ideas and enthusiasm came out of nowhere! P.S. I miss the Shark Song!

Berni Polya (AEGEE-Academy, AEGEE-Budapest): The RTC in Păltiniș was one of the most interesting events I attended, full of AEGEE spirit. Not only because I was the only non-Romanian person there, but because of the people there. At our sessions, I was amazed with the participants’ openness and energy, sharing their knowledge, opinions, and tons of ideas. I feel very lucky that I could contribute in some way to this event. I also believe this well-organized event was a powerful first step in fostering cooperation among the Romanian locals and to have motivated people full of new ideas which they can implement in their locals.

Written by Raluca Țurcanașu, AEGEE-București