NWM Napoli: Staring at the Sun

It all took place in a breathtaking area of natural beauty. Suffice it to say opposite the seductive charm of Capri, Sorrento, and Vesuvio. For thousands of years Napoli has been the place that attracted a great deal of visitors to visit the imprint of the successive cultures. This year, AEGEE-Napoli made a breakthrough with its ancestors by inviting over 50 participants from the Italian and Maltese antennas for this year’s Spring Network Meeting, which was led by Network Commissioner Matteo Scarpa.

 ACTing for Europe

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the works, efforts, results and difficulties of each antenna present, with a view to finding solutions together, increasing youth participation in our societies, and focusing our work as much as possible on the targets of the Action Agenda. Other specific workshops also included the follow up and results of the Spring Agora held in Enschede; an explanation of the structure of AEGEE and the bodies within it, as well as a specific workshop on the financial report of AEGEE-Europe.

Work and Sun at the same time

With only two minutes away from Marechiaro (literally meaning clear sea), it was so easy for us participants to take relaxing breaks by taking a dip in the clear blue swim, and going back in time (or else, trying to make it in time) for the rest of the sessions.

Emphasis was also given to the antennae criteria of each Italian and Maltese antenna, and in addition to this an insight was also given to the newly-established Eastern Partnership Project (EaP) as well as the Education Working Group with members of both being present amongst us.

Of course, as the English saying goes, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. If there’s anything the Italian locals should boast of, it is surely the capability of their members to entertain the surrounding crowd round the clock, be it from a simple wake-up call, to some slimy comment, to flag-stealing punishments, to typical Italian songs, and to innovative ice-breaking games. Additionally, AEGEE-Napoli made sure that the participants would not be deadly at all. A great social programme accompanied this Network Meeting where the participants could get a taste of the actual Neopolitan life.

The Italian way of life

All in all, Napoli may bring about to one’s mind just the share of negative press, from bloody Mafia wars to political corruption. But in reality, there is real vibrancy, and even a beauty, because life is lived here in all its chaotic glory. Monumental piazzas add an aristocratic touch to the noisy markets and Vespa-choked streets. And then there’s pizza! That savory pie that calls this ancient city home is reason enough to visit once again!

Sunny, lively, and simply unforgettably, NWM Napoli will remain carved in our hearts. Two words from all participants to the organisers of this Network Meeting (Matteo Scarpa & AEGEE-Napoli) would be: Thank you! And, more particularly, ‘a presto’!

Written by Mariella Rapa, AEGEE-Valletta