Have you ever heard of AEGEE-Sevilla?

As you might know, four new locals signed the Convention d’Adhésion in the last Spring Agora Enschede: AEGEE-Sumqayit, AEGEE-Lanzarote, AEGEE-Sevilla, and AEGEE-Rostov-na-Donu. Let us focus our attention on a beautiful town in Andalucía, Spain: Sevilla!

You might know Seville, the capital of the autonomous community of Andalucía, for the beauty of its university founded in 1505, or for the numerous bars where you can go to see a typical dance like sevillanas while eating some nice tapas. But now you have a new reason to like this city even more: a new local has been created there with nice and very motivated members.

Who are they?

The board is composed by Andrés Monge Moreno (President), Miguel Fernández García (Treasurer), and Lorena Cortés Silva (Secretary) and they can count on the help of Kornelia Mazurczyk who is also an active member of AEGEE-Sevilla and comes from Poland.

It is not their first experience in AEGEE: in fact, Miguel was member of AEGEE-Las Palmas, and Lorena of AEGEE-Valencia, and they took part in many Agorae. For working or personal reasons they had to move to Seville and they eventually decided that it was time for it to be a part of AEGEE.

What are their plans?

AEGEE-Sevilla is a little local with around 15 members, and its first aims are to find more partners and to anchor the antenna. Indeed, the main purpose is to guarantee the sustainability of the antenna from now on, as the board members might move from Seville next year.

The idea to organise a European event is stuck in their minds – for example, a Local Training Course (LTC), where they would invite members from all over Europe to get to know them, their work, and the wonderful atmosphere which prevails in this city. As it is a brand new local, they will not organize any summer university this year, but they are already thinking about preparing many events on the local level, and one can see that their imagination and motivation will give birth to great events.

What is their recruitment strategy?

Regarding recruitment strategy, they want to make new members really understand what being a part of AEGEE means. One of the best ways to make someone see that is to push them to take part in a Summer University. Participating in such an experience is a great booster for motivation. The new incomers can feel the sharing and the spirit of friendship, and might want to get more involved in the organisation.

If you pass by or move to Seville, and you want to get to know a nice team of active and involved young people, and of course have a great time and lot of fun; or if you wish to have more information about AEGEE-Sevilla activities, do not hesitate to contact them through their Facebook group (AEGEE Sevilla).

Written by Kristel Jurado, AEGEE-Strasbourg

Photographs by Maria Arendt, AEGEE-Utrecht

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