SU Story: One clap for AEGEE-Peiraias

A story that might save the world

Did you ever think or even hear about glenti? Or did you wonder for a second what it could mean when you came across it in the title of the Summer University (SU) of AEGEE-Peiraias ‘What if glenti could save the world?‘ The participants of this Summer University did! And they got so curious about it that they decided to try to find out… And nobody ever regretted this decision.

Let us introduce you to the wonderful world of Greek history, music, food, dance and love. This is a story about how 35 participants found out that glenti might neither save the world nor the Greek economy, but it did save their lives, or at least their summer!
Before the participants were deemed to be worthy to be introduced to the essence of the Greek way of life and before the secrets of thousands of years of glorious history were shared with them, they had to go through many challenges. Very soon they found out that saving the world is hard work… Not only it was necessary to adapt to the Greek lifestyle by eating souvlaki at least once a day (or night) and trying all kinds of ouzo but they also had to learn how to prepare Greek food ourselves. This being only the start of the challenges the experience continued with traditional Greek dances. While being a bit reluctant at daytime during the first practices, at night time even the Greek locals were convinced of AEGEE’s sirtaki dancing skills. Many other dances followed and even though it is not possible to check it we would swear that some Dutch and Slovenian partycipants quit their studies or work to find traditional Greek dancing groups in their countries.

Not only Greek dances were expected but also the cultures of the other European countries were presented during the European night and of course a fabulous show night which showed that not all Italians are able to dance but the Spanish can teach them the Macarena, that Hungarians are great singers, Turkish guys indeed are macho, that Dutch girls cannot be without their Queen, that Germans have some humour, that Slovenians live the life of Riley and that Greeks are not careful enough with their mascot.

It is evident that you have to honour the Greek gods to experience glenti. Of course this is only possible when you are willing to eventually sacrifice your health, your life and some virgins. Furthermore, you should be able to write and speak Greek fluently. All this did not constitute any problem for the motivated participants.

When all were able to speak ancient and modern Greek properly, the discovery of the Greek history started. After visiting the temple of Zeus, it was time for climbing the Acropolis under the death-inducing Greek sun and discovering Peiraias and Athens at temperatures of chilly 37°C. Many bottles of water and water-battles later the group reached the top of the Acropolis and understood the description AEGEE-Peiraias gave before the Summer University: ‘The ideal participant is the one who is ready to feel the spirit of AEGEE- Peiraias, the Greek culture and tradition while dancing as a real Greek and mostly being capable of walking for hours down the hot sun during our high temperatures!’

There were many challenges and we are convinced that Hercules could not have done any better than the 35 endurance athletes did under the leadership of the amazing and cheering organisers. Then, finally, after days of fighting, austerity (Greece is a good place for that), longing (and maybe a bit of partying) the group was found to be eligible to be introduced to the secrets of glenti.

But first everybody had to learn how to applaud Greece, AEGEE-Peiraias, the organisers and the participants… So please repeat: ‘One clap for glenti: one, two, three, clap!’

And many souvlakis and some litres of Greek wine later the true meaning of glenti was finally discovered.

What is glenti?

Since the authors of this article are convinced that all of you proved their strengths during all the great other Summer Universities it has been decided to share the secrets of glenti with all AEGEEans to ensure that AEGEE will save the world!

So, let us introduce you to the Greek lifestyle which is definitely the essence of glenti.

Glenti is dancing on top of the bar until you get a job offer by a night club.

Glenti are beautiful Greek girls kissing in the light of a red moon.

Glenti is when the bus driver joins the party and starts dancing for AEGEE at three o’clock at night.

Glenti is not going to bed because watching the sunrise at the rooftop is really more important.

Glenti is the sunrise directly behind the Acropolis and the sunset at one of the most beautiful beaches of Greece.

Glenti is getting overthrown by the waves and carrying the bruises full of pride because you fought the sea.

Glenti is reaching Ithaca within one day (what took you so long, Ulysses?).

Glenti is when the organisers miss the boat and are lost in their own city.

It is absolutely glenti when the participants wake up the organisers (cold water has proven to be quite effective).

DSC01924Glenti is seeing a huge turtle appearing in the sea next to you.

Frappé turned out to be very glenti.

Glenti is when you get traditional Greek food every evening.

It is definitely necessary to sacrifice some virgins to experience glenti.

Glenti is having pre-parties, parties, after-parties and parties in between the after and the pre-party!

The Greek nature is glenti and so is the Greek sea.

Greece is glenti.

The participants are glenti!

So, did you understand how to save the world? Use glenti as a way of life. Feel glenti!  Be glenti when you dance, cook, swim, sing, play, pray, kiss, love and party. Glenti is awesome, and AEGEE-Peiraias really has the glenti!!!

A big clap for AEGEE-Peiraias: one, two, three… GLENTI!!!

P.S.: After the Hungarian participants repeatedly told us that the Greek wine is ‘shitty’ they have to prove that the Hungarian wine is better… We expect some free wine at the AGORA!!!

Written by Ann-Katrin Habbig, AEGEE-Brussels/Bruxelles & Ana Martínez, AEGEE-Coruña