SU Story: »From Madrid to the Sky«

 »De Madrid al cielo (From Madrid to the sky)« is the official slogan for the Spanish capital. However, for us, participants of the SU “Waka Waka Madrid Waka,” it should be renamed to »From Madrid to heaven!« Because… those two weeks in Madrid were nothing, but paradise.

In two weeks’ time we have not only had the opportunity to discover every bit of Madrid and its corners, we also visited Segovia and

Toledo, cities that embody the antique touch of dust from the Roman empire.

We embraced Madrid and Spanish culture in its best way. – Doing sightseeings, going to museums, speaking with the locals, playing Gymkhana games, experiencing the famous Spanish nightlife etc. As you see, we were very active, but we also tried some siesta and in this way, we fully embraced the Spanish spirit.

And just to give you a glimpse…

Our eyes were blinded by the extreme beauty of the museums and architecture. Just in two weeks’ time we managed to establish our own race, as we were called ‘the orange people’ nowhere else but in Royal Palace. Our stomachs were awarded by the best food. Yes: Jamon, Gazpacho and Paella, we praise you. We learned all the right words on a surviving Spanish course. – »Tengo novio, pero el es muy lejos (I have a boyfriend, but he is far away.).« For one night we became the most passionate Salsa dancers. We loved how Sangrias and Tequilas cheered us up despite our already all around brilliant and special »orange« nature.

Due to Olympic games in London and our supporting spirit, we even organised our own Waka Waka Olympic games. We had the awesomest organisers that always found creative ways of waking participants up. – Spanish style, of course, with olé olé olé megaphone. It surely was an adventure and a half. We laughed, we cried and even though we did not spend much time together, we became great friends.

This was just a glimpse, since all the details can not be revealed. And as the saying itself says: »What happens in Madrid, stays in Madrid!«

 Written by Maja Planinc, AEGEE-Maribor