SU Story: Culture lovers and party animals in Zaragoza

The aim of Zaragoza Summer University was to get to know a different Spain. Yes, we know: Spain is synonymous

with sun, beach, flamenco, bullfighting, paella and fiesta. But we wanted the 26 participants to meet the Spain in the “hole of the donut”, so to speak. The most important piece of survival kit in this SU was provided the first day: the new t-shirt of AEGEE-Zaragoza. Some days later, in the trip from north to south, participants learned how to pronounce it: Zárágózá. The aim was achieved beyond expectations. Here is the story of the craziest Zaragoza.

Culture lover or a party animal?

In the application for this SU, the above question had to be answered. In fact, participants needed to be ready for both days and nights.

Days were full of activities: ice-breaking games to get to know each other, city tour, visit to the Aljafería Palace (a trace of the Islamic past of the city)…  but nights turned out to be crazy. It did not take a lot of time until the participants improved their skills in the famous “Anticobra” (which was properly shown at Agora Enschede) and “Sexy Tequila”, the particular way to drink tequila, undoubtedly improved by participants.

After so many activities, we were hungry, but luckily it was time for Chef Night! In the cooking contest, participants were divided into groups and prepared some typical dishes. Crème brûlée, paella, pasta, tiramisu… yummy!

As you can imagine, with this busy schedule, participants proved that the traditional division between culture lovers and party animals is all wrong. When you are an AEGEEan, it is impossible to choose between the two. Being an AEGEEan means that you just make the most of every single moment.

What is more, we discovered that the recent creation of the Sports Working Group has brought to light a third type of participant:

The Sports Lover!

Throughout the 12 days spent in Spain, sport was more than present. The regular and customary city tour was completed with a bike tour which was only the warm-up. The most incredible sporting activity was related to the Ebro river, since there is no better way to get to know it than to canoe down the river itself. Only that day, after rowing for more than two hours, we allowed ourselves to spend a calm and joyful afternoon in a Zaragoza beach.

The Pyrenees

After four incredible days in Zaragoza, we set out on a great adventure to the north! The Pyrenees are definitely not what you would imagine Spain to be like in the summer, but there, in the middle of the mountains, participants attended a proper Spanish lesson. Nothing that you would learn in a school of languages, but real useful sentences.


And then, the south! The name “Albarracín” will not say a lot to you, but that is only because you have not been there (yet!). In words of one participant: “Are all Spanish villages like this? Because Albarracín is… magic.” There was time for some hiking, to see the shooting stars surrounded by famous medieval walls, and finally, for the most

anticipated activity in every Summer University: European Night. It was a night full of shots, Tacatá dancers, sexy tequilas, JAMÓN (We ❤ Jamón), some rain that made the hot summer fresher, and so, some participants were brave enough to sleep under the stars.


And the end came. If you are reading this, it is more than likely that you have been a participant in a Summer University. And as such, you know how time flies. Saying goodbye is the worst part in a Summer University and we all wanted to postpone the moment as much as possible. You also know that it cannot be explained what a Summer University is in 677 words. Every SU is very different from one another. But at the end, it is the same. Because you will remember the collection of anecdotes, the cities you visited, the friendships created in a few days, that same smile when you see pictures or listen to that song, and the same: See you somewhere in Europe.

Written by Carlota Castle, AEGEE-Zaragoza