AEGEE-Ankara says No!

On 3rd October 2012 the Grand National Assembly of Turkey allowed officially with a so called “War Memorandum” to attack Syria. Therefore, AEGEE-Ankara likes to express its opinion on the decision made by the Turkish parliament:

As it can be seen in the cases of Iraq and Afghanistan in the past, any military intervention has not promulgated “democracy and freedom” in any occupied country and it will promulgate neither in Syria. It is needed to shut down internal and external war policies, initiated by AKP Government and Ahmet Davutoğlu, Foreign Affairs Minister of Turkey, because any possible military intervention will cause and inflict a deep wound in the memories of people living in the Middle East.

As AEGEE-Ankara, we declare that we are against any possible military intervention by especially Turkey and other states against Syria. We postulate the “War Memorandum” being withdrawn and we demand that the necessary steps should be taken by the government for an honourable peace and a democratic solution!

Written by AEGEE-Ankara

Remark by The AEGEEan: AEGEE-Ankara is responsible for the content of this article.