AEGEE-Patra bringing Agora home to its roots

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It came as a little surprise to many that next Spring Agora organiser will be AEGEE-Patra. Representatives from the antenna already told The AEGEEan about their plans, when they were elected as Local of the Month and in Mannheim it was announced that they will indeed be the hosts next year.

The AEGEEan took the opportunity to interview the main organiser: Costas Deltouzos about the next Spring Agora.

Congratulations on being selected! What made you apply for Spring Agora 2014?

Thank you dear AEGEEan! All of us were really excited when the Comité Directeur announced that Spring Agora 2014 will take place in Patra. We decided to apply for the Spring Agora for a number of reasons, but I think the most important one was that there has not been any Agora in this part of the Network for more than 10 years.

 You mention members from other Greek locals in the Local of the Month interview. How will they be involved in this Agora? Do you already have a team?

Organising an Agora requires a lot of human resources. As you know AEGEE-Patra is not as big of a local as the previous Agora organisers (Enschede, Budapest, and Zaragoza), so it would be difficult to organise such a big event without any help. Luckily a lot of members from other locals, mostly from the Greek speaking ones (but not only), have stated that they are willing to help us. So we’re expecting a lot of external organisers! The core team itself, consists of experienced members from AEGEE-Patra, AEGEE-Peiraias, AEGEE-Athina and… AEGEE-Riga!

Can you tell The AEGEEan when you came up with the idea of applying?

My first event as a participant was the Autumn Agora 2003 in Zaragoza! I was amazed by so many young people gathering in one place where they can meet, share cultural backgrounds, exchange ideas and decide on what kind of assosiation we want to have. Over the years I was hoping to see one Agora being organised in Greece, but it’s difficult for a local to take on a big responsibility like this. Now the time has come for the Agora to return to its birth place!

What have you done in the preparations so far?

Even though it’s almost a year till the Agora will take place, we kept ourselves busy with preparations. We have already gained the patronage of Mayor of Patras and the Rector of our University. We have also pre-booked the gym that will be used for lodging and the Conference Center of the University that will be used for plenaries. The fundraising team is making its strategy to acquire all the necessary funds for this Agora.

 What is Patra famous for?

Our city has a long history but nowdays is mostly famous for the big carnival that takes place here. It starts every year in the middle of January and ends in February/March and I strongly suggest everyone to visit it! Also while being here you can visit the attractions like the Fortress, the Roman Odeon, the St. Andrew cathedral and the bridge of Rio-Antirio.

Give us five reasons people should attend Spring Agora 2014

Plenaries and sessions will be hosted in a well equiped conference center;

Always helpful organizers everywhere;

Take a walk along the seaside;

Relax under the warm Greek sun;

And much more!


Written by Patricia Anthony, AEGEE-København

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