NetCom Telegram June 2013

Following the NetCom meeting in Brussels, The AEGEEan introduces a new initiative: the NetCom Telegram. Every month it will bring you closer to the Network Commissioners and the work they do. First up we have Inez, Dominique, Patricia, Claudio & Anna informing you about the work they have done with the antennae of our Network since April.

Inez Wenta

“Another month passes so quickly when there’s so much happening! May was for sure a very productive time for me. There were two events that must be mentioned!

Firstly, after two months, the first NetCom Meeting was held. The CD was so kind to host us in the new house in Brussels. Brainstorming, team building, discussing, making clear plans – never felt so motivated like after this meeting! We all feel like a strong team – I hope our plans will turn quickly into actions and will soon be visible to the whole Network.

Secondly, even more important for the network, AEGEE-Passau hosted the most amazing Network Meeting! “Pride and Prejudice – Dealing with cultural differences!” was the place where people from 26 locals came together, working, discussing and exchanging knowledge. The sessions were very productive thanks to the contribution of amazing Aegeeans. Not only did we discuss what is happening in the locals, the problems and ideas, but we also dealt with one of the most important issues – AEGEE Identity. The subject wasn’t easy but we came to some conclusions that may help us all to clarify our identity (look out for the results booklet soon!). But we were not only working! Of course some AEGEE traditions were kept – after the Bavarian Evening we celebrated the European Night as well. The organization of this event was very professional and well prepared. I’m very proud to say that AEGEE-Passau did a wonderful job – thank you all again for your hard work!”

Anna Móricz

“After the first meeting at the Agora, discussing responsibilities and local distribution, I messaged and asked my locals (Hungarian and Bratislava) to send me their activities from last year and also their comments on local and European level events. Further on, I also asked for a list of active members, in order to know who is active and on which level currently. Unfortunately in my locals this number is pretty low, so my main aim is to try to involve them more on the European level.

Within the Hungarian speaking locals, a regional training course was organized by one of the smaller antenna, which could be a great best practice example of further co-operation between the locals and also a great example of how such a small antenna can organize a good event.

Besides attending the NetCom meeting in Brussels, in May I also Contacted my two SubCommies and had discussions about their expectations, about further work.

While smaller antennae like Pécs are struggling because of financial issues, Budapest may help them in organizing together European level events in the future.”

Claudio Armandi

“April was the start of my second semester, so I had a new program and a new SubCommie team. Elisa Bracali from Firenze replaced the legendary Matteo Scarpa, to whom I will never be thankful enough. On April 2nd we finally announced the addition of Bologna to the Network. I am so happy AEGEE is back where it has to be, in the oldest University in Europe.

On the NetCom team side, April meant new NetCommies and new speaker team. I can tell you the local division always looks too boring for me. I just take the Italian and Maltese locals with no need to discuss, fight or kill anyone. Being again the only boy, apart from Bartek, means that I will spend another six months chatting and reading about nail polish and hot guys. Conversely, I understand that women are the best when it comes to care and protection.

May, I’ll remember this month because of the first NWM entirely organized by myself in Bergamo! It was quite crazy from the very beginning, when a not really punctual German train had a terrible delay in Berlin and I was about to lose my flight. Trust me, Usain Bolt could not have done better than me in Schönefeld with a backpack and a suitcase. Many thanks to the guys from Bergamo, their organization was state of the art.

May meant also another change in the SubCommie team, where Mattia Abis from Cagliari replaced Sara Cocco who always brought a sunny smile in our team. I am now on a train that is taking me home from Nürnberg. All I can see from the windows is water. Obviously everyone is talking about Turkey right now, but I would also like to give an virtual hug to all the German and Czech people hit by this disaster.”

Dominique Lenssen

Wow, already writing about the past two months as NetCommie! Where April was more about recovering from the Agora, enjoying and getting used to the fact that I have been elected, writing my Work Plan ,getting Knowledge Transfer and finding subcommies, was May a month full of actions…

AEGEE-Utrecht organized a European School, in which I participated one day. Then, during the non-traditional European night of AEGEE-Groningen, I gave a presentation about the NetCom, our European level and all the great opportunities that exist.  As it is quite hard to make people enthusiastic with a presentation, I talked with a lot of people afterwards as well.  Another great initiative of AEGEE-Groningen is their charity night to collect money for their Summer University. Great way to beat that crisis!

In Leuven I had a meeting with the vice-president of AEGEE-Leuven, to discuss their current situation and the plans for the coming months. I also visited AEGEE-Delft, AEGEE-Enschede and the FUN-event of AEGEE-Maastricht, where members from several locals got to know each other. As it is easier to cooperate with other locals if you know people personally, I think that this event will contribute to cooperation on thematic level as well! I also can’t wait to meet all the new boards of my locals.

During our NetCom weekend in Brussels we worked hard on our team spirit, resulting in a lot of craziness, fun and inside jokes. We have a lot of great ideas, inspiration and plans for our Network, so prepare for even more AEGEE awesomeness!

Patricia Anthony

“During my first couple of months in NetCom my focus has been on SubCommies. It is important not only having a strong team of NetCommies but also to have a fantastic team of SubCommissioners! Continuing with Karolina Mazetyte in the team is amazing, but moreover I also have three other highly motivated SubCommies in Sergio Oliveros, Ruta Jankauskaite, and Maria Arends. So April and May have not only been about me getting knowledge transfer (KT) from Karolina but also giving KT to Sergio, Ruta & Maria.

Drawing a lot of inspiration, “La Tripulacion” together with the rest of what we call “Nordic Stars” team, we are especially working on online tools to strengthen the cooperation between the antennae. A new form to submit activity reports, extensive promotion of mailing list & Facebook group, and more frequent posts on our blog are all in our focus at the moment, of course together with organizing local events as well.

I might have been in AEGEE for quite some time now, however it appears that I’m getting worse and worse at travelling. This meant that for my planned trip to Brussels I had a pit stop in Groningen. However, there I got to experience a new kind of European Night where the European Level of AEGEE was introduced to the members present. As my SubCommie Maria (responsible for UK antennae) is in Groningen it was also a great opportunity to meet up and talk about her visit to London at the beginning of May and how we can help the UK in general.”

Written by Network Commission