SUprising AEGEE People in Burgos

The eleven days of SUprising Burgos passed in a blink of an eye. It is time to look back at an incredible and truly amazing experience. Although it is hard to fit this experience into a couple of paragraphs, I will do my best.  

On the first day a group of AEGEE students coming from all over Europe met for the first time and we became a family.  Are you wondering how? It was a killer combination of people, both participants and organizers.

After the first night together, we completely lost any sense of time. Those eleven days passed by so fast, it felt like just a few hours. The perfect balance between parties and the cultural program did not leave much time for sleeping, but we caught a couple minutes here and there. Basically, wherever and whenever we could, just to survive! But honestly, who would like to sleep instead of -for example- shoot an arrow; do a city tour in Burgos, Frías, or some other wonderful villages full of history; or perhaps walk on the St. James’ Way? We wanted to fully experience each and every minute we spent in Spain.

None of us will ever forget the trip to the beer factory, tasting a cold cup of freshly made San Miguel, nor the wonderful tapas bars we have visited, or walking around Burgos castle. For me specifically, not only the daytime activities were unforgettable but also the parties. Meeting so many interesting people and partying with them was incredible. My -and maybe even everyone’s- favorite night was the European Night where we could taste typical foods and drinks of every nation that was represented in our group. Let me just say, a few toasts with Greek ouzo, Czech Becherovka and some Hungarian Palinka took care of the good mood for that night!

I’m more than thankful to AEGEE-Burgos for making these eleven days a true once-in-a-lifetime experience. They made it possible for me to meet these awesome people. We all left a piece of our heart in that gorgeous gym, and we know that we will always have a home in Burgos.


Written by Zóra Hajduk, AEGEE-Budapest