Introducing the new NetCom Assistant: Carmen María Working on La Tripulación 6.1

Pauline Létard has been working hard as a Network Commissioner since Autumn Agora Zaragoza and it is certainly appreciated not only by the Network Commission in which she was part of the speaker team but also all the antennae she was responsible for. Due to personal reasons she chose to resign and Carmen María López Banegas from AEGEE-Alicante has become her replacement as a NetCom assistant until Agora Cagliari.

It has recently become public that the Autumn Network Meeting of La Nave (the name of French, Spanish and Portuguese Network ed.) will be hosted by AEGEE-Zaragoza and Renove 4.0 will be in Madrid. That, together with loads of Summer Universities across Spain, Portugal and France, this new NetCom assistant Carmen Maria has plenty of tasks on the to-do-list. The AEGEEan interviewed Carmen Maria about her motivation to join the Network Commission, and her plans for her term now over the summer.

The AEGEEan: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Carmen Maria: I studied International Business and I have been working on that field for more than six years. I am the Overseas Dept. manager of my company and I love my job. I live in the more than sunny Murcia. I enjoy nearly all kinds of music and I am some sort of keen on films.

I joined AEGEE because I missed international atmosphere after living in the United Kingdom for a year and a friend of mine told me about his great experience during a Summer Course and ended his explanation with “CM, that’s your association” so I searched for it on the Internet and immediately joined AEGEE-Alicante. That was back in 2011.

The AEGEEan: What have you done in AEGEE?

Carmen Maria: I was a board member of my beloved antenna during 2012-2013, 2013-2014. I help with everything I can since I am not pigeonholed and do not mind carrying out new and different tasks.

I have been organiser of a Summer University, two Network Meetings (one in the NetCom team and the other in both local and NetCom team) and thematic events as Tabarca, Starts Under the Sea, 10th Anniversary and Mediterraneanly in Alicante.

Other than that I have been a Participant in two Summer Universities, four Network Meetings (we are going for the fifth!), one Agora and three RENOVEs (first as member of the NetCom team and going for the forth), many local events/activities and a few thematic events (New Year Events, anniversary) in other antennae.

The AEGEEan: What has been your favorite moment(s) in AEGEE?

Carmen Maria: This is a tricky question. I have loads of great moments in AEGEE… Maybe I fondly remember the Network Meeting in Gijón as I became more active right after it. I always come back home full of energy and motivation after every event. The very best for me is when people are happy about the result of any event, sharing with others the joy.

The AEGEEan: Why did you decide to apply to become NetCom assistant? 

Carmen Maria: I was already in the NetCom team of Pauline; we talked about it and considered it was a good idea to keep on working with this area since knowing the field makes it easier. I think I have the motivation and commitment needed to do so. Let’s see!

How has it helped prepare you for the task as NetCom assistant being a subcommie for quite a while? 

Carmen Maria: I guess so. I have been working with two NetComs (Pilar Lop and Pauline Létard) and with many different team members. Maybe the work is different now, of course, but I already enjoyed what I did helping some antennae and trying to do so with our area so I hope it keeps this way at least.

The AEGEEan: How will you work with subcommies?

Carmen Maria: We will probably keep working in a similar style as before. The team is very consultative and democratic. I like having different opinions and backgrounds on the team because it helps to solve problems easier and makes the team more versatile and efficient.

The AEGEEan: What is on your agenda for the upcoming months in the area of La Tripulación?

Carmen Maria: We have fourteen Summer Universities all over Spain, two in France and one in Portugal, some Summer Events around as well as Castelló and, of course, RENOVE in Madrid. Later on, we will start focusing in our NWM in Zaragoza.

 The AEGEEan: Will you be at the NetCom meeting in Budapest? If not, how do you think this affects your upcoming tasks as NetCom assistant?

Carmen: Being in a physical meeting is always significant but everything went so fast I could not make it. Working online is not a problem for me and with the help of the other NetComs I guess I will manage.

The AEGEEan: Do you think that it will affect your work that it is now the summer time and usually things go more slowly in AEGEE?

Carmen Maria: I believe it does not have to affect more than to any other task. Just the normal problems because everyone is on holiday but nothing out of the ordinary. If people commit and work a bit, there won’t be any important problems.

The AEGEEan: Would you like to candidate for NetCom at Agora Cagliari?

Carmen Maria: Maybe yes, as I wouldn’t  really have considered joining the Network Commission already now but wanted to wait until after Pauline’s period. I guess I will but better to wait at the right time to decide it.

The AEGEEan: When you don’t do AEGEE stuff, what do you like to do in your free time?

Carmen Maria:  I go on other trips with friends, do sports (not much) read and watch films, listen to music and dance, spend time with my family and friends…

The AEGEEan: What could you add that most people probably doesn’t know about you?

Carmen Maria: I am a bit shy at the beginning but after some time I am quite extroverted. At work I am really serious minded; maybe a bit strict and demanding but fair and sincere. I am really cheerful when it comes to leisure and partying.

Written by Patricia Anthony, AEGEE-Zaragoza