Top Six Best Summer University After Movies of 2016

There are many after movies about the Summer Universities that can be watched on the internet. The video clips represent a way to show the SU events to people who could not attend such an event, and give them an idea of what they had missed. We present you the best after movies of 2016 with links, so that you can play and watch each video at your convenience.


foto-alicante6. AEGEE-Alicante: Feel the Mediterranean Soul.

AEGEE-Alicante organised an SU in the cities of Alicante, Elche, and Altea. The AEGEE members participated in cooking and dancing workshops, and they also enjoyed some time in Aqualandia, one of the largest Waterparks in Europe, all of which can be seen in the after movie.

Despite presenting a wide variety of the activities included in its programme, AEGEE-Alicante’s after movie largely consists of panning pictures and a succession of shots of the same landmark that feels rather repetitive. Because of this, we sadly had to put this video in the sixth place of the top. You can watch the video via the following link:

[The content of the previous paragraphs was, however, accidentally based on an unofficial or the incorrect aftermovie that you can see, here. Our apologies, W.L, E.i.C.]


foto-barcellona5. AEGEE-Barcelona BarceYOLOna: The Catalan Adventure (vol. 2).

AEGEE-Barcelona’s SU took place in Barcelona and its surroundings. Elements of their programme, which can be seen in their after movie, are represented by the city tour on a bicycle and the hiking near the sea.

The most amazing items of this after movie are its handheld camera work, which makes you, as a viewer, feel like you are a participant in the SU, despite the fact that the camerawoman, occasionally, turns the camera to herself. The time stamp at the bottom left corner of the video puts emphasis on the feeling of authenticity, while the underwater camera work looks very impressive.

However, one of the major points of criticism towards this video, is related to its size. With a total length of 03:59, the after movie pushes the attention span of a viewer of a trailer. Nevertheless, this is a magnificent after movie. Check it out via the link:


foto-ioannina4. AEGEE-Ioannina: BLUEstories II: SUspicious Minds.

AEGEE-Ioannina’s SU, “BLUEstories II: SUspicious Minds”, is the event where the participants felt the vibes of the Greek spirit and collected the clues for “the adventure of their life”, by visiting Ioannina, Lefkada, Kefalonia, Ithaca, Zante. In the after movie, you can see that the participants enjoyed rafting a lot and spent some time in long excursions.

During the event, the AEGEE members also learned some steps of Greek traditional dances. Greece can show not only the beauty of its beaches, but also one of its amazing resorts. The main part of the international event was represented by the boat trip around some of the Greek islands.

This video, however, has one minute dedicated to one activity only, rafting that is, and as for the rest, it displays just a few other activities that were part of the whole programme. It seems like the participants just swam and went rafting for two weeks. That is the reason why we put the video in the fourth place. You can watch the after movie by accessing the following link:


las-palmas3. AEGEE-Las Palmas: 5 continents in 1 island.

AEGEE-Las Palmas organised a Summer Course which lasted from the 20th of July until the 3rd of August.
The participants admired some breathtaking places, such as: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Agaete, Arucas, Firgas, and Galdar. Moreover, they recharged their batteries with positive energy, attended cultural activities, practiced different sports, and had lots of fun.

The after movie could be really appreciated, as the AEGEE members can see how much fun the participants had at the parties that were taking place on a long motor boat. The most beautiful part is represented by the shooting on the hang-glider, which allows us to see the landscape of the Spanish island from a different point of view.

While the shooting with the GoPro camera shows the bright, light blue sea, the video editor chose to accompany it with a kind of monotomous music that one might find in a dark, dim-lit nightclub. Maybe some variety with ‘Tropical House’ or ‘Dance Hall’ could be suggested? Check it out via the link:


foto patra principale2. AEGEE-Patra: From SUnrise till midnight.

AEGEE-Patra proposed a Travelling Summer University in Peloponnese, Greece, the land where legends and myths were born, and that is fully connected with an important part of the rich Greek history. The video points out several moments of the TSU, by displaying several photos which present not only the Peloponnese beaches, but also a crazy group of people who wanted to have a lot of fun.

Unlike the aforementioned after movies, when it comes to this particular one, the editor added more than one song on the background, in order to draw one’s attention while watching the video. Greece is not just a country where one can admire many famous sites in the history of art, but it is also the right place to be when it comes to parties. The best part of the video, in my opinion, is the moment when the organisers together with the participants dance in the bus.

The intention of the video, particularly, consists of underlining the very good “feeling” among the participants and organisers. During every SU, there are some hours when the organisers need to sleep, and as this SU does not make an exception, the antenna is proud to show us the “human side” of the organising team. More than one minute of the video is filled with footage taken on the bus, but considering that it was a TSU, this aspect can be overlooked. However, the after movie is a bit long, which is the reason why it did not win the top spot. You can watch the video via the following link:


foto-cagliari1. AEGEE-Cagliari: Bigger, Better, Stronger: Sardinian Challenge.

AEGEE-Cagliari organised an SU, based on sport and boat trips, in order to provide twenty-five young people from all over Europe, with an unforgettable, educational vacation. AEGEE-Cagliari’s after movie begins with Nicola Motzo, who walks around the participants during the Ice Breaking games and presents some of them with the help of a selfie stick. This brief, but personal, introduction of the participants is something which distinguishes this after movie from the previous ones.

Everyone can see some of the sport activities that were performed during the event, but also the parties inside the café bars and in front of the sea. Some seconds are reserved to my birthday, accompanied by the soundtrack of “Ghostbusters”. Another moment to point out is the funniest part of the video, when pranks are being played on the participants, the organisers, and also, the President of AEGEE-Cagliari, during the night, when everyone was sleeping, or just before some activities of the social programme.

In the video, it looks like the participants and the organisers have met long before the event. The magnificence of the Sardinian beaches is known all over the world, even though the video does not exalt them so much. The event lasted from the 31st of July until the 11th of August. The title of the SU was inspired from some words in the song “Stronger” by Kanye West. You can watch the video of Fabian Raab, Drivers Responsible, via this link:


Written by Matteo Lai, AEGEE-Cagliari