Become an EU Careers Student Ambassador and Step up Your Game!

EPSO’s grassroot project to publicise careers at the European Institutions is the EU Careers Student Ambassadors Programme. Launched in 2010, it allows enthusiastic students from the EU’s most prestigious universities all over the Member States to become EPSO’s Ambassadors on their campuses.

EU-Careers-logoTo become ambassadors, the most motivated students from all over the EU go through a training session that takes place mainly in Brussels, but also in other European cities. During this training, students learn all they need to know to successfully carry out their job for the following season.

The project has consistently grown since its launch in 2010, when there were only 23 Ambassadors in 23 universities. Today, for the 2017/2018 season, EPSO’s fleet consists of 120 Ambassadors from 111 universities! The constant growth of students has continuously increased the number of people reached throughout the EU.

201609_eu-careers_293Becoming an EU Career Ambassador means being EPSO’s point of reference in every member state. In order to successfully reach out to students, Ambassadors perform various activities to promote Careers, such as organising presentations, conferences and one-on-one chats with students, managing the local EU Careers social media pages, and responding to all the queries related to the EU or to a career in it. In 2016, Ambassadors organised 817 events in 28 countries, reaching out to more than 85,000 students!

The whole experience is professionally enriching for the students and looks especially good for employers, as it greatly improves several transferable skills such as communication, inter-personal and public speaking skills, not to mention the rich network that participants will develop by the end of the academic year. In a nutshell, being an EU Student Ambassador is a great experience!

If you would like to find out more about the programme, just visit the website.