“Each local is different and knows a different reality” ~ Lila Quaile

Network Commissioner for 57th Agora AEGEE-Europe

With the Agora right around the corner we at The AEGEEan are interviewing the candidates to give you an small insight into who the person is behind the face. Here we have with us Lila Quaile , running for the Network Commission position of AEGEE Europe.

Tell us about yourself. How long have you been in AEGEE and why did you join?

I’m in AEGEE since a bit more than one year and half now. I joined AEGEE after my ERASMUS in Torino because I saw what AEGEE-Torino was organising in the city and I was hearing stories from the European events, I wanted to be part of it as well!

Network Commission is arguably of the most prestigious positions in the entire organization, however, the NetCom job is highly challenging. What motivated you to candidate?

Well Oksana did a really good job this year with the boomerang area and lot of contacts have been developed in it. I was lucky enough to work with her and seeing her working motivated me to apply!

Do you have a preferred Network Area? What would you do if you are appointed to another one?

Boomerang Area and I don’t know what I will do if I am not appointed to it (laughing)!

The Boomerang Area is quite diverse and involves countries where AEGEE has not been traditionally strong, even though AEGEE does not have national level. What would be the challenges you would have to overcome and how?

I guess one of the challenges will be to work with the new established contacts and help them to sustain, but also support the contact-antennae and contact that are quite small at the moment. I think each local is different and knows a different reality, so specific needs need and problem need to be identify in order to help and support them in the right way.