“I want to help with creating connections between locals and make the one with the European level stronger” ~ Nicoleta Mihalescu

Despite the presence of the Covid-19 pandemic, for the very first time in its history, AEGEE will be organising an Online Agora. Like every year, different members have applied to different positions. In this series, we interviewed the candidates of the new Network Commission that will work in each part of Europe. One of these candidates is Nicoleta Mihalescu from AEGEE-Iasi.

Good morning, Nicoleta, and thank you so much for accepting our invitation. Firstly, readers would want to know a bit more about you. Could you, please, introduce yourself?

Hello! Sure thing! I’m Nicoleta Mihalescu, a 22-year-old Romanian from AEGEE-Iasi. I joined AEGEE back in 2015 and I’ve been pretty active ever since. In general, I like to keep busy and moving and because of this, I’m currently living in my third country in a bit over a year. Apart from AEGEE, I enjoy dancing and I’m a big fan of sunsets and love to photograph them. You can often find me hunting the colours of the evening sky!

In four years you have got a broad experience in the organisational part of AEGEE, as readers can see in your motivational letter, mainly linked with quality aspects. What elements do you see that locals lack in quality?

AEGEE is a broad network in which the locals represent its unique members. As such, I don’t think it’s correct to say that locals lack in quality for anything in particular. However, what I did notice during my time in EQAC is that there is indeed always room for gaining or mastering skills like time management and communication. We often see organisers doing things quite last-minute, especially when it comes to submitting their events. I think that better time management would not only allow EQAC to help them more, but it is also helpful for the events in general. This is something I would love to help with.

Going to your programme, what are the main objectives you want to reach during your period as a Network Commission member?

Besides the obvious objective of getting to know the members of the assigned locals and helping them go through any issues they are encountering, I want to work on facilitating communication and collaboration. As I mentioned in my application, I want to help with creating connections between locals and make the one with the European level stronger. For example, we all know how important it is to feel connected, especially during difficult times, and because of this I want to encourage digital activities or exchanges with locals nearby and with locals from the opposite side of the network. We have experienced, under unfavourable circumstances, that it is still possible to have fun, meet new people and make new friends. It is important that we make use of these new methods, also after Corona eventually passes and I want to make sure that happens.

Is there any special field you want to focus during your period as NetCommie?

Yes, the special field of AEGEE Identity! I often find it fascinating how AEGEE creates space for a local/cultural identity combined with a shared/mutual identity. What I want to do is help locals to increase their visibility by externalising why being part of AEGEE-Europe is special. Having a clear understanding of AEGEE’s common identity with the vision, mission, and means, would benefit both locals and the whole network. How? For example, the new focus areas are a great source for quality events that could help locals with recruitment while also contributing to our collective goal. I want to help the locals, for which I would be responsible for, become aware of these opportunities. 

Finally, in case you are not elected, what will you do in AEGEE during the next academic year?

I will continue doing what I’m currently doing. I will continue working with EQAC and HRC and I will keep a look out for my next challenge.