Sherwin Savio Furtado

Both of August’s Locals of the Month encourage us to put our fear away, but always responsibly

As we all know, all Summer Universities were cancelled this year due to the pandemic, and although it was very sad for everyone, we always have to put our health and social responsibility first. Luckily, the situation improved in some countries and two of them did the first events of the summer -respecting safety measures, of course. This is why… Read more →

“Take initiative and write your own story! – August’s Member of the Month, Nicoleta Mihalescu!

AEGEEans all around Europe have suggested a very committed member to be AEGEE’s Member of the Month, August 2020. She joined our association five years ago and she has been inarguably active ever since. This time, she has been nominated for Member of the Month due to contributions in her roles such as being a Speaker of the EQAC, Financial… Read more →

A Safe Space for Everyone

“The Safe Person Committee will aim to create a safe space for participants and combat sexual harassment, through the use of education, awareness, and maintaining a pool of Safe Persons to send to events.” One year has passed since the S.M.A.S.H project was founded by members with the aid of the Council of Europe. Now time is up for AEGEE… Read more →

Member of the Moth, July 2020, CD57: “AEGEE is all about making meaningful connections with fellow Europeans”

Sometimes it is hard to choose only one AEGEEan as member of the month since one of the many virtues of our association is teamwork and bonding with each other. This is why, for AEGEE’s member of the month of July, we have chosen the whole CD57, congratulations! Their term had some challenges due to the pandemic. Nevertheless, CD57 has… Read more →