Erika Bettin

Local(s) of the Month of February: Ukranian locals

Since last november Ukraine has been in the spotlights because of the happenings in the country. Protests against the government led by former president Viktor Janukovich started in Maidan Nezalezhnosti, but soon spread all over the country. In Ukraine AEGEE is present with seven locals, namely AEGEE-Dnipropetrovsk, AEGEE-Kharkiv, AEGEE-Ivano-Frankivsk, AEGEE-Kyïv, AEGEE-Lviv, AEGEE-Odessa and AEGEE-Sevastopol. Most of their members were actively… Read more →

AEGEEans at the #EP2014: actively involved in the overall elections process

Not so long ago the Elections Observation Project (EOP) of AEGEE, which aims at training potential election observers and creating a sufficient capacity within AEGEE for international election observation missions, brought forward the initiative to be more involved in the recent European Parliament elections besides voting. This involvement in the elections got translated in becoming a volunteer, member of the… Read more →

Member of the Month Costas Deltouzos: “My first SU as a helper in 2003 was a life-changing experience”

You might have seen him a lot during the five days of the Spring Agora 2014, answering questions politely and always willing to help. Costas Deltouzos, pillar of AEGEE-Patra, was elected member of the month of June. In his ten year career in AEGEE he covered several positions, both in the European and local level, but his time in the… Read more →

The Juridical Commission is looking for a new subcommie team

The Juridical Commission (JC) is on a mission to find four new subcommissioners. The subcommissioners, chosen by Joris Veenhuis (AEGEE-Maastricht), Claudio Gennaro (AEGEE-Cagliari) and Gloria Llopart (AEGEE-Heidelberg), will help the JC performing their tasks. If you have a legal background and you want to be more active on the European Level, maybe the Juridical Commission is the place for you.… Read more →

Introducing our new Comité Directeur

After two years with the same Comité Directeur, the Agora elected on the 3rd of May the six people who are going to live in the CD house and work for the association for the next 12 months. Paul Smits (AEGEE-Enschede), Antonija Parat (AEGEE-Zadar), Aleksandra “Ola” Kluczka (AEGEE-Kraków), Holger Shmitt (AEGEE-Berlin), Ivan Bielik (AEGEE-Brno) and Mayri Tiido (AEGEE-Tartu) are our new… Read more →

Luis Alvarado Martinez is the Young European of the Year 2014

Every year a young European, between the ages of 18 and 28, is awarded with the prestigious title of Young European of the Year by Schwarzkopf-Stiftung Junges Europa. On June the 5th our current President Luis Alvarado Martinez was announced as this year’s winner for his engagement and contribution to building a different Europe and for being “a true European… Read more →

Member of the Month Klaudia Brzywcy: “AEGEE is a Possibility for Prosperity”

Klaudia Brzywcy, member of AEGEE-Gdańsk since November 2013, was elected Member of the Month of May. Crazy about healthy lifestyle, she is studying Dietetics and Nutrition at the Medical University of Gdańsk, transforming her hobby in a future job. Also passionate about sport, cooking, cinema and fashion, she organized a Health4Youth day event in Gdańsk attended by almost 150 participants. The AEGEEan: Why… Read more →