The Juridical Commission is looking for a new subcommie team

The Juridical Commission (JC) is on a mission to find four new subcommissioners. The subcommissioners, chosen by Joris Veenhuis (AEGEE-Maastricht), Claudio Gennaro (AEGEE-Cagliari) and Gloria Llopart (AEGEE-Heidelberg), will help the JC performing their tasks.

If you have a legal background and you want to be more active on the European Level, maybe the Juridical Commission is the place for you. The JC issued an open call for subcommies to complete their team. The ideal candidate is a law student with a fluent command of legal English. “The role of subcommie is quite flexible”, Claudio says. “The tasks comprehend overseeing the election of committees or WGs, assisting the commissioners in the revision of the statutes, providing interpretations of the CIA and helping the JC during the Agora”.

The Juridical Commission stand during Agora Patra

The team will consist of four people, but “if we receive very good applications, we will be more than happy to accept a fifth member”, Claudio continues. The application must contain a motivation letter focused on the interest the candidate has to join the Juridical Commission and a brief essay of maximum 300 words about the JC in AEGEE’s organisational structure. “Applying is important, because it enables you to understand what the daily work of the JC is. By that, you can have a more objective view of AEGEE and learn the ways in which the Commission interacts with the Network. In addition, the current members of the JC were all in the same subcommie team. This experience was very useful for us to develop our knowledge, and it is a great way to do teambuilding, too”, Claudio adds.

Joris, Gloria and Claudio, who were elected during Spring Agora Patra, were subcommissioner first (along with Ilona Pukailak from AEGEE-Odessa), so Claudio adivises to apply especially if “you are seriously interested in a future in the Juridical Commission, knowing that (s)he will find a very supportive team and we are more than happy to share with him/her all the hard work and the rewarding moments of JC.

Applications can be submitted until the 20th of June by sending a mail at

More information can be found here.

Written by Erika Bettin, AEGEE-Venezia