Erika Bettin

Gender Equality Stories

In collaboration with the Gender Equality Interest Group, The AEGEEan decided to create a form where members could share with us their stories about the (lack) of gender equality they experienced in their lives. We gave the opportunity to people to share their stories in an anonymous form, and you will find the reason in the last contribution. The form… Read more →

Fund Raising European School in Eskisehir: “We’ll Put the FUN into Fundraising!”

AEGEE-Eskişehir was our Local of the Month of December, and the Turkish antenna is in full swing organising local events, but also international ones. It signed the Convention d’Adhesion in 2001 during Autumn Agora Ankara, organising the Balkans Regional Meeting one year later. Their activities are local projects, thematic events, Summer Universities, Network Meetings and weekly meetings on every Wednesday with… Read more →

Meet Damien And Petra, Your Mediation Commission 2016-2017

For a second the possibility of having the Mediation Commission composed only by one person, Damien Latacz, seemed to be reality. Although it would have been fun to imagine him arguing with himself on the Mediation Commission cases, luckily one more person stepped up. The Mediation Commission 2016-2017 is now composed by Damien Latacz and Petra Burusz. He is a… Read more →

Trainers’ Forum 2017, A Place to Develop Skills and Knowledge

Non-formal education is really important in our organisation and hundreds of trainings are delivered to our members every year. Trainers are those who share their skills and their knowledge with participants. A group of 13 trainers from different AEGEE locals gathered in Wrocław from the 13th until the 15th of January for the 2017 edition of the Trainers’ Forum. Along with 100 other… Read more →

A Chat with Florian and Eyrin, EPM Zagreb 2017 Content Managers

With only a few weeks left, European Planning Meeting (EPM) Zagreb is approaching. The conferences and workshops about this year’s topic: Europe under Siege – Populism and Anti-European Agitation. What we will see is the result of the work of two AEGEE members: Eirini Kyriakidi (AEGEE-Athina) and Florian Hauger (AEGEE-Heidelberg). The EPM content managers are working together with the Comité Directeur… Read more →

Introducing You The First Edition of BookCrossing by Culture Interest Group

AEGEEans love to share their opinions, ideas, but also gadgets, stickers and postcards. AEGEE-Warszawa knows best because they have been organising for some years now the famous Christmas Postcrossing. The Culture Interest Group, created last year, decide to take this sharing attitude of AEGEEans to the next level by organising the first edition of the BookCrossing. Alessandro Montefameglio, one of… Read more →

Enter in tWinder and Find You Soul Mate Local

The Network Commission, the commission in charge of caring about the antennae in our Network, is always trying to find new ways for locals to cooperate and grow stronger together. Locals can find their twin antenna and organise exchanges and activities together. There is also the Mentorship System, in which stronger locals can help and advise smaller ones. Lastly, there is… Read more →