Wieke van der Kroef

In the name of controversy. The AEGEEDebate story continues

It has been over a year since AEGEEDebate was introduced to the AEGEEan. Recently, a very relevant debate was published, in cooperation with Yvote, on the differences between national rules on participation in the European elections. This made us wonder how the project has developed over the last year and what the future holds, according to one of the initiators of… Read more →

Be the change 2.0

Do you remember the article ‘Be the change’, which was published in The AEGEEan a few weeks ago? Did you have the chance to attend the workshop ‘Impact your university’ during the Agora in Patra? In case you didn’t, we got you covered with this article! ‘Impact your university’ was a workshop conducted by rootAbility, a social business that drives… Read more →

European Parliament against Homophobia

On the 4th of February the European Parliament adopted (with a clear majority of 394 in favour versus 176 against) a recommendation for a future road-map against homophobia and discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation. This seems to be a step in the direction AEGEE is pushing with the Policy Paper on Homophobia. But what does this road-map really mean? And how big can this ‘step’… Read more →

Sharing December Stories

The idea of the ‘December stories’ project came out of curiosity: how do other people celebrate their cultural events in December? What makes the Russian Christmas special and what do they do on the 24th? Do the Turkish celebrate anything during the ‘holiday season’? What do the Dutch do? And do they do the same in Belgium? What about Finland,… Read more →

Health4Youth on living Mediterraneanly

AEGEE-Alicante and the Health4Youth project decided to work together on organising a healthy lifestyle pre-event to Agora Zaragoza already before the summer. And when the event was finally there, a small but very active group of participants, a lot of organisers and helpers from AEGEE-Alicante, and Maria Arends (AEGEE-Groningen) and Sygrit Andringa (AEGEE-Groningen) from the Health4Youth project gathered in Alicante… Read more →

Surviving La Tomatina

Looking to unleash your wild side? Or simply want to experience something really crazy? Let me introduce you the recipe for the best possible summertime event in friendly Valencia region… The ingredients are: 21 international participants, five brilliant organizers, caring helpers… Eight days in nine towns in the region of Valencia, a dozen Spanish festivals and parades… Educational city tours,… Read more →

Are you a good lobbyist?

“Are you a good lobbyist”? This was the central question to a simulation played at the Summer University of AEGEE-Delft, “Create your own world”. More than 20 participants and some of the organisers took part in this interactive workshop on European Union sustainability policy, getting a hands-on grip on the mechanisms of lobbying at the European level. In order to… Read more →