European Bodies

“Faces Of Europe” and “Summer University” are the Winners of the Charlemagne Youth Prize in Romania and Slovakia

The Charlemagne Youth Prize is one of the most prestigious European Prizes. It has been awarded annually since 1950 by the city οf Aachen, Germany, to people who contributed to the ideals upon which it has been founded. It commemorates Charlemagne, ruler of the Frankish Empire, who resided and is buried in Aachen. Traditionally the award is given to the… Read more →

Bigger, Better, Stronger… The Agora Mentorship is back!

Agora Mentorship, the aspiring project of the Human Resources Committee, which will be actively reintroduced during Agora Enschede, aims at making the members more aware of what is happening during the big Statutory Meeting. No more people with the “what the hell is going on” face and, hopefully, no more sleeping beauties as well. Each Agora, we see a lot of… Read more →

Summer University Project – Unforgettable Summers

Summer Universities… it all began in 1988 when AEGEE had the intention to promote the European integration. The project promotes cultural exchange, exploring the diversity of cultures in Europe, fighting for tolerance and guiding you in order to become an open-minded citizen. Every year, more than 2000 young Europeans take part in Summer Universities from all over Europe, organised by… Read more →

Meet the Gender Equality Interest Group

The Gender Equality Interest Group was born quite recently, but we have already seen some of their proposals to take action. Their Facebook group is very active, and they strive for the world where equality of treatment is applied no matter your gender, skin colour or religion. We spoke to María Ballesteros Melero, one of the moderators of the Interest Group, to… Read more →

Gender Equality Stories

In collaboration with the Gender Equality Interest Group, The AEGEEan decided to create a form where members could share with us their stories about the (lack) of gender equality they experienced in their lives. We gave the opportunity to people to share their stories in an anonymous form, and you will find the reason in the last contribution. The form… Read more →