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Member of the Month Suzan Dilara Tokac: “Any Sacrifice That’s Been Done For AEGEE, Shall Never Be a Compunction!”

It was never done before! During Spring Agora Bergamo we presented all the past recipient of Local and Member of the month from Autumn Agora Kyïv. Among those there was Suzan Dilara Tokaç, from AEGEE-Eskisehir, who discovered she won the award for the Member of the Month of April live, during the closing plenary. She was nominated for her outstanding work… Read more →

Me No Speaks Inglish… The Language Interest Group and the Idioms in AEGEE

In this article we are talking about the various languages spoken among AEGEE members.  We know that English is the most common language in the world, but also other languages find some space in our Network, therefore  we have asked Erifyli Evangelou, a member of the Language Interest Group, to tell us something about the situation of the languages inside our students’… Read more →

Happy AEGEE Day! Over 60 Locals on Organising Events Last Week

AEGEE was founded on the 16th of April 1985 and, after the special celebration organised last year, the Comité Directeur decided that it was time to established “The AEGEE day”. Over 60 locals celebrated this important day organising something, from a football tournament to barbeques, from round-tables to informative days. The first edition was very promising, and we asked the… Read more →