Raluca Radu

Dermanşah Yalin for Member of SUCT: “I Think it’s Time to Pay Back for All the Experience that I Gained”

Being part of the big AEGEE family makes you want to discover more, learn and share as much as you can. The same happened with Dermanşah, from AEGEE-Istanbul, and he is taking his knowledge to the next step by being a candidate for SUCT. We asked him some questions, and below you can find out more about his candidature. The… Read more →

Lorenzo Ligas for Member of SUCT: “No Matter How Hard it Could Be, No Matter the Failures, I Run for My Goals!”

As the time passes, we are getting closer and closer to Autumn Agora Catania. The candidates are getting ready and of course we would like to know more about them and the reason why they want to represent us. Lorenzo Ligas is one of the candidates for SUCT, this being his second time to candidate, but he says that “the… Read more →

Florian Hauger for Secretary General: “I Could Help Our Bodies Develop Their Ideas as Well as Making Them Recognised in Brussels”

Florian Hauger is a member of AEGEE-Heidelberg and the current president of the local. His experience in the local and as assistant to a Member of Parliament of Baden-Württemberg helped him decide to run for this position. We asked him some questions in order to find out more about him and his wish to become the next Secretary General. The… Read more →

Teresa Carene Kiambu for Financial Director: “Little by little my desire to become Financial Director increases”

Being the Financial Director for AEGEE-Europe is not something that everybody wants, unfortunately. But the ones that do want are extremely motivated. We have Teresa Carene Kiambu from AEGEE-Udine as a candidate for this position, and below you can find her motivation for becoming the next Financial Director of AEGEE. The AEGEEan: Teresa, can you describe yourself in five words? Teresa: For… Read more →

Viola Bianchetti for Equal Rights WG Coordinator: “A coordinator should build a healthy and productive team environment”

For the Equal Rights Working Group Coordinator we have Viola Bianchetti from AEGEE-Heidelberg as a candidate. She is a person that sees a bright future for this WG, has some well defined plans already in mind and is passionate about it. Below, you can read why she wants to be the coordinator for the Equal Rights WG. The AEGEEan: Viola, can… Read more →

Summer University Project – Unforgettable Summers

Summer Universities… it all began in 1988 when AEGEE had the intention to promote the European integration. The project promotes cultural exchange, exploring the diversity of cultures in Europe, fighting for tolerance and guiding you in order to become an open-minded citizen. Every year, more than 2000 young Europeans take part in Summer Universities from all over Europe, organised by… Read more →

Local of the Month of November: AEGEE-Manchester “It Is Really a Family Feeling”

The month of November brought us a new Local of the Month: AEGEE-Manchester, a new local, managed to do beautiful things in the past year. We talked to Bryn, one of the founding members and the Human Resources Responsible, and asked him to tell us how few people can accomplish what they want if they have will.   The AEGEEan:… Read more →