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SU Story of the Week: Smells like pushing limits spirit

It is often said that what makes a Summer University a successful event is the group of participants more than the program and organization. Well, this is true, but what if 26 awesome people were gathered and guided through an unforgettable adventure that would tour some of the most attractive spots of northern Europe? The answer is that it already… Read more →

The Fantastic Five of Summer Universities

This year, a total of 3312 SU applicants made their choice amongst the 80 available Summer Universities. Among those, five of them stood out, having far more than 100 applications. It won’t be a surprise that we are talking about AEGEE-Cagliari & AEGEE-Napoli’s ‘La vita è bella: Mediterranean coast to coast’ managed to gather 184 applications, but AEGEE-Peiraias’ ‘Sea Wars:… Read more →

Member of the Month Alin-Florin Calin combines all his interests on the European level of AEGEE

The Member of the Month of November is Alin-Florin Calin.  He is an AEGEE member that was born in Western Romania and grew up in Eastern Austria, currently studying international law and history in Vienna. He got involved with AEGEE through local board activities in Vienna, the first experience that awoke his passion for AEGEE, followed by his first Agora… Read more →

AEGEE-København and AEGEE-Helsinki on organizing the most popular Summer University

Last summer the Scandinavian locals, AEGEE-København and AEGEE-Helsinki, organized the Summer University ‘Scandinavian Dream’ that turned out to be the most popular Summer University in 2013, having 242 applications. This is a good reason to get to know these locals in the north of Europe and find out how they managed to have such a successful Summer University, but also… Read more →

SNoW Meeting Helsinki Connecting the Nordic Stars

A small group of AEGEE members gathered in the capital of Finland for a Network Meeting (NWM) with the theme of strengthening the cooperation between the antennae who have Karolina Mazetyte as their Network Commissioner. AEGEE-Sankt-Petersburg and AEGEE-Helsinki could say ‘present’ with capital P in NWM Helsinki, which evolved into a NWM strengthening the cooperation between those two antennae. Besides… Read more →

SU Story: The FinEst way to build a friendship

This summer, Helsinki, the capital of Finland and World Design Capital for 2012, invites to explore and build design. The three northern cities of Helsinki, Tallinn and Pärnu enjoyed an unforgettable Summer University filled with creativity, laughter, Nordic heat and group spirit. FinEst Design Design was at the heart of the Summer University organised by AEGEE-Helsinki, AEGEE-Tallinn and AEGEE-Tartu. It… Read more →