Willem Laurentzen

The Maastricht Treaty Explained

With all the promotion for events like YO!Fest 2017, you will likely see the words “Maastricht treaty” being casually mentioned in emails, posts on social media, promotional texts and others. But what exactly is the Maastricht treaty and why is it significant now? These and more questions will be answered in the article below.   What is the Maastricht treaty?… Read more →

ACTive Local of the Month of September AEGEE-Baki “If we Need to Improve Together, we Need to Act Together”

  Last September, AEGEE-Baki organised a Model United Nations (MUN) about Human Rights. It was directly connected with the Civic Education Focus Area (Aim 1, Objective 1) and the Spreading Europtimism Focus Area (Objective 3). For this reason, they were chosen as ACTive Local of the Month. We spoke to Vazifa Khalilli, PR Responsible of AEGEE-Baki, to find out more!… Read more →

One Year in the NetCom, A Look Back (#2)

A lot of term limits for the NetCom have ended on the first of December this year. So, this seemed to be the perfect occasion to reach out to some of the leaving NetCommies and ask them about their experiences of the past year. Here to answer some questions are Mareike Wegener of AEGEE-Aachen and Melissa Carreres of AEGEE-Alicante, two exiting NetCommies after… Read more →

The SUPS are Back

AEGEE is filled with fun activities with loads of, at first, seemingly incomprehensible abbreviations. The one you need to remember to help you set up the best Summer Universities is the Summer University Project School, or SUPS. There are a number of them hosted by various antennae all over Europe. Read all about it in this article, sponsored by our… Read more →