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Youth Development Month-Interviewing AEGEE Alumni: Berat Ezel

In the occasion of the Youth Development month, the Youth Development Working Group reached out to four AEGEE alumni and interviewed them, with the intention to connect past, present and future of AEGEE. Here’s the first interview of the series: Berat Ezel (formerly) from AEGEE-Izmir.   YDWG: Hello Berat, can you introduce yourself a bit? Berat: I am a volunteer,… Read more →

ACTive Local of the Month of January AEGEE-Izmir “All Locals Are Unique in Their Own Way!”

Around the beginning of the new year, AEGEE-Izmir organised a postcrossing project with their twin antennae AEGEE-Moskva. Even though at the time there was political tension between the two countries, the project turned out to be a huge success, involving members of both locals in a cultural exchange. As a reward, they were chosen as the ACTive Local of the Month.… Read more →

AEGEE-Moskva: Its Mascot, Zvezdun, and Collaborations with its Twin Antenna

In AEGEE-Moskva you can find a large board, which not only organises very interesting and original events during the year, but also is full of energy in order to carry out plans with the twin antenna, Izmir, and prepared an amazing New Year Event (NYE) in collaboration with AEGEE-Kyïv. We spoke with Maria Kochkina, 23 years old, External Relations Responsible,… Read more →

Best Dressed Girl Award

“Nossa, Nossa assim voce me mataaa, ai se eu te pego, ai ai se eu te pego,” If you do not know this song, then you must be living under a rock because it has been playing all over clubs and radios for some time now. And for sure, the same words uttered by Michel Telo’ may have come to… Read more →

Thank you, Izmir!

Smiles and fantastic organizers surrounded more than 250 participants who attended the EBM in Izmir 9-13th of February 2012 Three guys from Izmir, three presidents, and, most importantly, three very good friends were eager and motivated to organise an EBM that would go down in history due to its greatness. My personal judgement: Mission completed! Right from arriving in Bornova,… Read more →