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CD on Track on The Way Back: AEGEE-Heidelberg and AEGEE-Düsseldorf

Heidelberg1Soon upon my arrival from Passau to Heidelberg, I was welcomed by Viola (from Your Vision For Europe) and Mareike (from the Network Commission). They showed me the beautiful city of Heidelberg, and after having lunch with them, we joined an evening meeting with the members of AEGEE-Heidelberg.

All m...

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CD on Track on The Way Back: Zvonimir’s in Wien and Passau


Zvonimir in Passau

After the superbly organised EPM in Zagreb, and a short break with all CD members in my hometown, it was time to move forward with the second part of CD on Track. After eleven hours of train, my first destination was AEGEE-Wien...

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CD on Track: Udine, Last Stop in Italy

Udine19th and 20th of February – Réka, Tekla and Zvonimir

Next stop on my route was AEGEE-Udine. On my way from Bologna to the Udine, I stopped in Mestre to have a short meeting and discussion with Erika Bettin, our lovely support from The AEGEEan and Interim Vice-Chair...

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CD on Track on the way back: Tekla’s last stops

Day 17 – 18 – 19 – Köln, Mainz-Wiesbaden and back to Brussels (3rd – 5th March)

Tekla with AEGEE-Köln

Tekla with AEGEE-Köln

As all good things come to an end, CD on Track is also finishing soon for all of us: for me, the last two stops were in Köln and in Mainz to visit AEGEE-Köln and AEGEE-Mainz-Wiesbaden, which...

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CD on Track On the Way Back: München, Stuttgart and Mannheim

Day 15 – 16 – 17– München, Stuttgart and Mannheim (1st – 3rd March)

Tekla with the board and members of AEGEE-München

Tekla with the board and members of AEGEE-München

As we tried to cover as many locals as possible, CD on Track continued with three completely different routes after EPM Zagreb, and my first stop was München after spending a...

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CD on Track: Right before EPM Zagreb in Ljubljana

Réka, Tekla and Zvonimir: Day 7 and 8 – Ljubljana (21st – 22nd February)

Ljubljana 1Having our last stop in Italy in Udine, we continued our journey to Ljubljana, where we got via two night trains and a long waiting period in Villach, so the morning for us started with getting to our host’s place and catchi...

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CD on Track: Stops in Bergamo and Bologna

IMG_20170218_162434After the most romantic city in the world, Firenze, it was time to visit the next city on my route, a city with the oldest university in Europe and the birth place of the current education system, the beautiful Bologna...

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CD on Track: Tekla’s Fourth Stop in Brescia

Tekla: Day 5 and 6 – Brescia (18th-19th February)Brescia 3

The next stop in my track was Brescia, where I arrived early Saturday afternoon...

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CD on Track: Zvonimir and Tekla are in Firenze and Milano

Milano 1

Tekla with AEGEE-Milano Members

Tekla Day 4 and 5 – Milano (17th-18th February)

After parting again to continue my journey, my next stop was Milano for the evening after a rather short train ride from Torino...

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CD on Track: All Together in Torino

Torino 1

Day 3 and 4 – Torino (16th-17th February)

In order to get in time to Torino, all of us had a long journey to take: Zvonimir from León, Réka from Toulouse, and me from Lille. Thus our programme first started in late afternoon with an interview with Giulia Melis, President of AEGEE-Torino, then a...

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