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(Sp)Ice Matters: This is Winter

The 27th of December 2012 the wonderful Winter University organised by AEGEE-Riga and AEGEE-Ogre started. The participants were able to enjoy the culture and the hospitality of Latvian people for seven days. The activities and workshops were diverse, from social inclusion, costumes, and other more sportive activities like ice-skating or the “ciambellas” (big truck tires used to slide downhill). As… Read more →

Extending AEGEE in the North

Does the name Karolina Mazetyte ring a bell? It should. She is the new Network Commissioner of the antennae in the northern part of AEGEE and also the (re-)founder of AEGEE-Kaunas. A local that re-entered the Network at Agora Enschede. The AEGEEan talked with Karolina about the creation of the antennae and here are the results. Take us back to… Read more →