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ACTive Local of the Month AEGEE-Zagreb: “Just Do It!”

Ladies and gentlemen, the ACTive Local of the Month of May is AEGEE-Zagreb. Are you ready to meet the local that is full of young, motivated and hard working people? Let’s look at their story, at how they managed to organise a Network Meeting (NWM) and turn it into a success. We spoke to Marina Klanjčić,Vice-President & HR responsible of AEGEE-Zagreb. Congratulations! ​As… Read more →

AEGEE and the Subtleties of Peacebuilding

“Against. – Against. – Against. – …” At the Agora Zaragoza, the Focus Area named “Peacebuilding” received a clear negative vote. Does that mean that AEGEE is not interested in this topic, or do we believe we don’t have the capacity to work on it? Or is there a different explanation? – A short inquiry into one of our favourite misconceptions.… Read more →

CD Telegram June 2013

The first month of the summer kept the Comité Directeur hyperactive, it has been full of work, events and conferences, many of them have showed that long months and sometimes years of hard work have been payed-off. The summer also means an amazing start for all of us. Dozens of AEGEEans  gathered together the last week of June to proudly… Read more →