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MedCom 101

Let’s face it: unless you are active on the European level, there is a big chance that you don’t really know what our different bodies are doing, what they are supposed to do and why they were created in the first place. The AEGEEan magazine is here to help and set the story straight. Up first – Mediation Commission. If… Read more →

No Chance for Politics: Ways for Youth to overcome Information Pressure in Conflict Zones

Have you ever thought about the effect you can produce with an update of your Facebook status? A workshop delivered by Nikolay Kazantsev from AEGEE-Moscow covered one of the most important parts of peacemaking for conflict zones in Europe – resistance to nationalistic propaganda and information pressure from the official media, and declared a way that AEGEE members could contribute to… Read more →

Results of the Agora Budapest Workshop ‘How Strategic Planning can help your Local or Project

‘If you do what you always did, you will get what you always got’ was the motto the workshop ‘Awaken the vision’ started off with. The idea behind this slogan was that when you continuously take the same road, you will keep ending up in the same place instead of moving forward to a better or different place. This goes… Read more →

EURO Babylon: a Workshop about Linguistic Similarities and Differences

It is hard to believe that already a week passed since the wonderful closure of the Autumn Agora Budapest. But all these great memories are still alive in our hearts and we are still so vigorously inspired and highly motivated to contribute to AEGEE goals and activities after participating in progress meetings, workshops, and simply talking to active and experienced… Read more →

The Four Most Annoying Things About The Agora

Our reporter did some undercover research during yesterday’s Prytania and Plenaries. While secretly looking around, I found four things that many participants do while being under the falsely optimistic expression that nobody notices. 1. Sleeping The most obvious one which we – at one point or another – all have done: taking naps during sessions. Some are more openly doing… Read more →