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NetCom Times: Subcommissioners across the Network with passion for helping antennae

The Network Commission is a team full of people that several AEGEEans know due to all the communication they have with antennae across Europe. However, the work of the NetCom would not be efficient without teams of subcommissioners and in this interview you get an insight into what it is like being a subcommie for a Network Commissioner. Alvaro Espinosa… Read more →

Setting up shop

You remember Lauren, right? Some months ago she started paying a bit more attention to the food she was eating. She found out more about our food system, like the concept of seasonality of fruits and vegetables or the way some food products travel half across the globe before landing on our plates. She also learned about alternatives, such as… Read more →

Visa Freedom Workshop Full of Participants

During Agora Rhein-Neckar, the Visa Freedom Working Group (VFWG) organized quite a successful workshop! The main leader and speaker of the workshop was an American citizen living in Germany and the Czech Republic, Mrs. Kimberli Jo Lewis, who has a certificate from the London Coaching Academy. Kimberli Lewis, International CEO, executive coach, and mentor, talked about transitioning and being culturally… Read more →

Kicking the Ball Against Racism

While many AEGEE members were spending their time green travelling with the destination Mannheim, the Sports Working Group (SWG) was hosting a football tournament for the ones already in the city. The idea behind the active afternoon was not only to raise awareness about physical activity but also to inform members about the topic of racism in sports. In a… Read more →

How Sport Is Connected to Bullying

One of the activities that the Sports Working Group arranged for Spring Agora Rhein-Neckar was hosting a workshop with the theme of bullying. Despite few participants, the workshop was a successful example on how an interesting topic can gather AEGEE people together. For Agora Rhein-Neckar the Sports Working Group (SWG) invited Adam Wilde from the LGBT rugby team in Berlin… Read more →

Video Promotion for AEGEE

Recently it has become more and more popular in AEGEE to record high quality videos and make them go viral on the internet. Two antennae that are good in that matter are AEGEE-Napoli and AEGEE-Kyiv, and they are therefore both nominated for The AEGEEans Choice Awards 2013. The AEGEEan interviewed both antennae to get to know more about their love… Read more →