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PROPOSALS #1: Improving Reimbursement Criteria, Raise Maximum Height of Membership Fees, and RTC Reform

Like every Agora, there are proposals to modify the CIA, and, like every Agora, The AEGEEan is covering them all. In this article, we’ll provide summaries for the following three proposals: “Improving reimbursement criteria for the Mediation Commission”, “Proposal to raise the maximum height of membership fees”, and “RTC Reform”.   Improving reimbursement criteria for the Mediation Commission This proposal… Read more →

Luca Bisighini for Audit Commission: “I Have Ambitious Plans and Enough Motivation For Being Part of the Audit Again”

Luca Bisighini, Italian from AEGEE-Brescia, is a 27-year-old travel addict and weird, as he defines himself. He has an MBA with a specialisation in International Trade and Business and he currently lives in Krakow, Poland doing an internship. He joined AEGEE two years ago and he became active both on the local and European level. After being elected as the third… Read more →

Stefano Dal Farra for SUCT: “The Key to The Decision to Running is The Passion For Summer Universities”

“I got to know AEGEE almost more than one and a half year ago, and since then I’ve always felt like it was meant to happen”. In his own words, Stefano Dal Farra is a 23-year-old Italian AEGEE enthusiastic from AEGEE-Udine. He graduated in Cultural Mediation and after a sabbatical year, where he discovered new realities and started to work… Read more →

Philipp Blum for SUCT: “It’s a Really Good Feeling to Help People to Have the Summer of Their Lives”

You might have seen him on stage during the Agora in Bergamo, or most probably if you organised or attended a Summer University. Philipp Blum, 25 years old and living in Aachen, is doing it again. After a term in the Summer University Coordination Team as Publication and IT responsible, he is running for a second one aiming to cover… Read more →

Alejandra Piot Pérez-Abadín for NetCom: “I Love Taking Care of People”

If you need someone who will take good care of your members, look no further than Alejandra Piot Pérez-Abadín of AEGEE-A Coruña. In her previous functions, she has frequently been regarded as someone who puts effort into listening to people and who remains patient and takes all the time required in order to help members with their problems.   The… Read more →