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Local of the Month December: AEGEE-Budapest

Autumn Agora Budapest, members of AEGEE-Budapest have proven on various occasions their role as one of the most integral parts of the AEGEE Network – a lively group of enthusiastic activists from the capital city of Hungary. Now, with the Christmas period approaching, let us settle back in a nostalgic mood, reminiscing about the Autumn Agora and how AEGEE-Budapest has been… Read more →

Polly Higgins on Ecocide at Agora Budapest

Interview with international environmental lawyer Polly Higgins Workshops at statutory events are all about innovative methods, topics, and techniques. Once in a while, their content is so politically and socially innovative, that they give participants a peek into the future. What will the world look like in 2020? How will our actions today have influenced society, business, and the environment?… Read more →

Ready to run! Six Policy Officers and their Subjects

Fall Agora Budapest 2012 was the Agora of going back to the past. Returning to the exact location of the first Agora in Eastern Europe as we are dealing once again with resistance to European ideals. Debating on our identity in order to better understand ourselves. Launching new initiatives which will help AEGEE reclaim the prominent, strongly thematic place it… Read more →

We did brighten our horizons!

One of the pre-event organised before Agora Budapest took place in Bratislava. As the very first event of Human Rights Working Group (HRWG) it confirmed once again that AEGEE events can be thematically oriented. During the event hate speech in Europe and the online combat against it were the main topic discussed and it clearly pointed out that freedom of… Read more →

The importance of Visa discussed at Agora Budapest

The Visa Freedom Working Group (VFWG) is – according to some people in AEGEE – a “very important part of the organisation.” However, after more than 1,5 years I do not have this feeling anymore. During the workshop (WS) of the Visa Freedom Working Group at the Autumn Agora Budapest, we raised an interesting and important topic of AEGEE – a topic that… Read more →

Smile you’re on candid camera – embarrassing not only yourself but also the organisation

Imagine you are not at the Agora and catch the opportunity to watch the live coverage of the Agora’s closing plenary. The aim might be to see which proposals have been approved to change the future of the organisation, and who will be leading the different commissions, but that is not exactly what you witness when you press the “start”… Read more →