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A Worldtour by Bike

Can you imagine doing a world tour by bike? Perhaps you use your bike to go to your classes, or to the supermarket. Or maybe you made a cycling tour for a few days in your own country. The bicycle is an ecofriendly, cheap, fast (especially in big cities) and healthy way of transportation. But doing a world tour by… Read more →

How Are We Going to Feed the World in 2050?

The first social Skype meeting and online discussion of the Environmental Working Group (EnWG) in 2013 was about sustainable food production. Now you are wondering perhaps, what exactly is sustainability? We used the following definition of this term: sustainability is development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.… Read more →

Rio+20: The Future We Dread!

During the last days of June 2012, the United Nations Sustainable Development Conference was organised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with the participation of all the United Nations member states.  The main frameworks of the conference named as Rio+20 since it was organised twenty years after the Earth Summit of the United Nations again in Rio, where  green economy in… Read more →

EDE 2012 grows a Tree of Sustainability

Spring is a time of bloom of new initiatives, ideas and campaigns. And the great time for great ideas, new projects and endless creativity is around the corner! Fortunately, AEGEE is not exception and this spring Environmental Working Group (EnWG) presents brand new concept of European Day of Environment (EDE) 2012. The AEGEEan had the chance to be the first… Read more →