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Vasiliki Andrioti for Member of SUCT: “I Think that Quality Should Be a Priority When It Comes to a Project like Summer University, and I Am in the Position to Offer This Quality as Content Manager”

Vasiliki Andrioti, member of AEGEE-Ioannina, main organiser of a Winter University and of a NWM, is one of the most active members of her Antenna. She also collaborated as SubCommie with Network Commissioner Spyros Papadatos.  Now she wants to share her passion for the SU project and improve it. Furthermore, Vasiliki shares some proposals about the 30th anniversary of the… Read more →

Tekla Hajdu for Chairperson of the Agora: “I Want to Increase the Participation in the Agora With a Suitable Agenda”

Tekla Hadju, former Network Director of the Comité Directeur, after eight Agorae as active member, wants to be still involved in the European level so that she presented her candidature as Chairperson/Vice-Chairperson  of the Agora. She is aware of the responsibilities of the position and she expresses some ideas about how to improve the organisation of the Agora. We interviewed her… Read more →

AEGEE-Alicante: The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra

Miguel Gallardo Albajar, former Comité Directeur member, Carmen María López, former Network Commissioner, Pablo Hernández, Policy Officer and former President are just some of the names immediately crossing our mind when we think about this amazing local. Another interesting fact is that two members of AEGEE-Alicante, Jorge Sánchez Hernández and Pablo Palazón have founded new contacts in Dresden and Manchester.… Read more →

Our Local of the Month August, AEGEE-Nijmegen, on bridging the gap with the EU Level

AEGEE-Nijmegen has lots of interesting upcoming plans! After having organised a very successful Summer University with AEGEE-Enschede and getting their members involved in some AEGEE-Europe projects, the local has been working hard to bridge the gap with the European level by establishing a committee for that and, furthermore, organising a Network Meeting, which will take place in November. For this… Read more →

“The sky’s the limit”: AEGEE-Kraków on organising several successful events

The AEGEEan has been interviewing several locals throughout the year for theirs outstanding achievements. Some of them have organised big events, like Statutory Events or European schools. Others have been rather small locals in the Network who have made big accomplishments. However, there are other locals which have been regularly organising both local and European events throughout the year and… Read more →

Laia Garcia Montufo, AEGEE-Tarragona, on her involvement in several youth platforms

The last Member of the Month of July left many exceptional nominations and AEGEE members that stood out – one of them, Laia Garcia Montufo, is currently President of AEGEE-Tarragona, member of the Pool of Representatives and Liaison Officer towards the United Nations. Laia has been nominated due to her involvement in several youth platforms. Moreover, she is now fully… Read more →

Identity Meeting Participants – Members of July

The election for Member of the Month for July is different than the others. Instead of choosing one member, the honor goes to nine AEGEE members that took part in the Identity meeting in the beginning of July. Anja Köngeter joined AEGEE-Heidelberg in March 2011 because  she felt like giving something back to international students after her Erasmus and spreading the… Read more →