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AEGEE-Budapest organizes the Arab Week

If you’ve heard of the Arab minority in Europe, Hungary might not be the country that first comes to mind, but there is a minority in Budapest. When the Euroarab project team approached AEGEE-Budapest about organising an event, the first thought was that it would be a good opportunity to organise open lectures for externals (potential members). While brainstorming on… Read more →

European level focus – Local of the Month AEGEE-Debrecen

This month’s Local of the Month is AEGEE-Debrecen. In the month of May, this Hungarian antenna hosted a well-organised Information Technology European School (ITES). This and regular months of hard work makes AEGEE-Debrecen deserving of the title Local of the Month in July. The AEGEEan interview Balázs Kovács from AEGEE-Debrecen to hear more about his antenna. Can you inform us… Read more →

AEGEE Games Hosts AEGEE-León Celebrating their 10th Anniversary All Through 2013

Recently it was shared with our Network that the host of the AEGEE Olympics is AEGEE-León: a strong and motivated antenna that is already working hard on organising a big event for 200 people in October. The AEGEEan interviewed Daniel Garcia Rodriguez, Local Activities Responsible and Sport Responsible of AEGEE-León, in order to get to know what is going on… Read more →

Is AEGEE really striving for an inclusive society?

Remember, remember the beginning of November? We were at the Agora in Budapest, discussing the CiA, participating in progress meetings about the work of the Policy Officers, motions of sadness, and AEGEE’s identity… Next to that, a lot of people and AEGEE-bodies had workshops about various interactive topics. Sometimes there were external specialists presenting a certain topic, or even preparing… Read more →