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In the name of controversy. The AEGEEDebate story continues

It has been over a year since AEGEEDebate was introduced to the AEGEEan. Recently, a very relevant debate was published, in cooperation with Yvote, on the differences between national rules on participation in the European elections. This made us wonder how the project has developed over the last year and what the future holds, according to one of the initiators of… Read more →

The new editor-in-chief of The AEGEEan Anna Gumbau Martinez about learning on the European Level of AEGEE

Last month there were elections in all the Working Groups of AEGEE. Anna Gumbau Martínez got elected into the board of the International Politics Working Group and at the same time the super motivated AEGEE-Barcelona member became the editor-in-chief of The AEGEEan Magazine. The former editor-in-chief Patricia Anthony introduces you to the new leading lady of AEGEE’s online magazine.  You… Read more →

Member of the Month Alin-Florin Calin combines all his interests on the European level of AEGEE

The Member of the Month of November is Alin-Florin Calin.  He is an AEGEE member that was born in Western Romania and grew up in Eastern Austria, currently studying international law and history in Vienna. He got involved with AEGEE through local board activities in Vienna, the first experience that awoke his passion for AEGEE, followed by his first Agora… Read more →

International Politics or Culture: Different manners to taste the European feeling of AEGEE

These days, all the Working Groups of AEGEE are in the middle of elections for new boards. The Sports Working Group (SWG) reflected on their year as the board of the SWG, and in this interview the Culture Working Group (CWG) and International Politics Working Group (IPWG) also look back at their time as board members since Agora Budapest. During… Read more →

Identity Meeting Participants – Members of July

The election for Member of the Month for July is different than the others. Instead of choosing one member, the honor goes to nine AEGEE members that took part in the Identity meeting in the beginning of July. Anja Köngeter joined AEGEE-Heidelberg in March 2011 because  she felt like giving something back to international students after her Erasmus and spreading the… Read more →

European Democracy Project In the Making

The European Democracy Project (EDP) is a proposal published by three AEGEE members: Ivan Bielik (AEGEE-Brno), Armin Weckmann (AEGEE-Darmstadt) and Thilo Zimmermann (AEGEE-Pisa) on AEGEEDebate. The Project aims to give young people the possibility to influence European politics and to demonstrate that a European democracy is possible. This will be done by launching one or more European Citizens Initiatives (ECI).… Read more →