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Comité Directeur 2014 – 2015 is ready to rock!

Group sessions about different aspects of working in the board of AEGEE-Europe, information about different initiatives that have to be followed up, visits to the European Parliament and other partners and stakeholders and a teambuilding weekend: after an extensive Knowledge Transfer period, taking place from the 14th until the 31st of July and the official start of their term on the 1st of… Read more →

Local of the Month AEGEE-Udine: “Knowledge transfer is the most important task of our local”

And the Local of the Month of July is…. AEGEE-Udine. Located in north-east of Italy, AEGEE-Udine “in the last months was the most dynamic within my area (Italian speaking locals, AEGEE-Valletta and Contact of AEGEE-Europe in Lugano ed.), and probably in the whole Network” quoting the words of Mattia Abis, Network Commissioner (AEGEE-Cagliari). We spoke with the President Alberto De… Read more →

AEGEE-Sankt Peterburg on organizing events with antennae further than 500 kilometers away

AEGEE-Sankt Peterburg is one of the most northern antennae in the AEGEE Network. However, that is not the most special part about this interesting antenna. Discover the story behind it in this interview with the President of AEGEE-Sankt Peterburg where you get insight details into how they motivate their many members and organise events taking place far away from their own… Read more →

How to let go?

Anyone who has once held a responsible position will tell you that the hardest part is letting go. As a former board member and current Advisory Board member of AEGEE-Leiden I fully agree with that. You start your term with the best intentions, you care, you sacrifice, you give and you learn. And then, one day, a new generation will… Read more →