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What your e-mail signature will not tell about you?

David Guetta Founder and member of AEGEE-Kazantip* Speaker of the Party Working Group Active member of We-do-Nothing Commission Editor-in-Chief of Monthly Party Newsletter Member of EXIT** Committee AEGEE/European Students’ Forum Familiar signature, isn’t it? How many times it happened with you that reading the signature of the sender under e-mail, you already forgot which was the content of it and… Read more →

Member of the Month: Olga Iatsyna – “AEGEE is a place where even a fail can turn into great achievement”

To work with Olga Iatsyna is always like traveling with a German train – nice, fast and on time. We have this internal rule in The AEGEEan not to nominate people from the team if they are not appointed from an external. So I was personally happy to see the nomination from the whole Network Commission (NetCom) team, saying: “she… Read more →