Liliya Buyukliyska

Hey, I am Lilly and AEGEEan is my dream for quite some time. I love writing, tavelling with AEGEE and partying........and I do believe with AEGEEan I can combine all of this. Hope you will like my funny articles, will comment the serious one and will enjoy the magazine as a whole. I have been editor and writer in this year "Key to Europe" and have worked and many TV projects in Bulgaria. Smiles!

Maurits Korse: ‘Mediation Commission should always try to solve all issues at the best interest of all parties’

Mediation Commission (MedCom) is one of the youngest bodies in AEGEE. Even though it had its predecessor – Members Commission (MemCom) – its work is still an enigma for many of the AEGEE members. But for few brave AEGEEans it is not only more than clear but also a nice interesting challenge. This year they are just with three people… Read more →

Member of the Month: Stephanie Müller – ‘AEGEEan was the best decision in my AEGEE life’

It is hard to say ‘former editor-in-chief’of the AEGEEan. Hard, because I remember how it all started, how we chose Stephanie and how I took People’s section because there was nothing else left (the greatest ‘punishment’ for being late). Now – a year and a half later – everything looks different. The AEGEEan is well-known, follows strict standards for publishing… Read more →

Member of the Month: Hara Kogou about the SUCT, flagship project and an amazing summer experience

Leading such a big project as Summer University for sure is a challenge. But to do it for the second time and simultaneously start from scratch a new international project…That would be for sure a challenge for many AEGEEans. But not for Hara. Maybe because she answers e-mails in few minutes or she is attached to Skype all her free… Read more →

A black day for Bulgaria

Every day we are bumping into news about violence… And they somehow pass by us. Hundreds of dead people in Syria, plane crash in Nigeria or army beating protesting people in Egypt. We are so used to hear them that somehow we have stopped realising what they mean. We have stopped till the moment it happens in our “home.” As… Read more →