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Nutrition4Youth and Health4Youth

Thanks to the Portuguese National Youth Council (Conselho Nacional de Juventude) 25 Europeans were able to gather in the charming city of Lisbon to learn how to cook healthily. Besides the Portuguese, Youth Councils from three other countries took part in this training course: Romania, Italy and Greece.  Zlatko Djordjevic, content manager of the Health4Youth project, was there as well… Read more →

SU Story: Portugese summer

The biggest event of a small antenna –  AEGEE-Porto Invicta Summer University. 22 participants from León to Helsinki came to Porto and enjoyed the diverse program. After months of preparation, the day has finally come. Participants arrived during the afternoon of the 27th July at the hostel were the group stayed for three nights. The crew started to feel Porto’s… Read more →

Networkmeeting in Porto

A Network that keeps growing and growing

A couple of weeks ago people from Spain, France and Portugal went to a network meeting in Oporto and took their network to a new level. The atmosphere there was something that is hard to explain with words, but I will try. First of all, what was amazing was the huge participation from the three countries. Young people from Lyon, Paris, León, Madrid,… Read more →