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The New European Events and People Editors Ready to Prepare You For Agora Patra

The AEGEEan recently announced the selection of two new members to the Editors team; Erika Bettin and Cosmina Bisboaca. But why did they decide to dedicate even more time to AEGEE’s official online magazine? The AEGEEan interviewed them about this exact question. Erika Bettin, President of AEGEE-Venezia, has become very active in AEGEE even though being close to quitting AEGEE… Read more →

RTC Udine 2013

In my first step in AEGEE, I’ve been trampled by hordes of emotions. A laugh, a new meeting, a teaching, a strong drink from each single event we have been part of something remains firmly impressed into our hearts forever. This privilege that we members experience is as rare, as it is fragile. But honestly how could the association survive… Read more →

An amazing ZarAgora organized in the center of Europe in the middle of nowhere

The ZarAgora ended some time ago but the memories of the fantastic event organized by AEGEE-Zaragoza remain with the participants that now have returned to their respective cities. There is no doubt that, despite being a peaceful Agora and a little bit flat on content for many people, many will remember ZarAgora for the great organization by AEGEE-Zaragoza and their… Read more →

NetCom Times: Subcommissioners across the Network with passion for helping antennae

The Network Commission is a team full of people that several AEGEEans know due to all the communication they have with antennae across Europe. However, the work of the NetCom would not be efficient without teams of subcommissioners and in this interview you get an insight into what it is like being a subcommie for a Network Commissioner. Alvaro Espinosa… Read more →

Gunnar Erth On The Golden Recipe For Workshops

The topic of participation in workshops at statutory events was raised recently in The AEGEEan, and we continue to focus on this interesting topic. Questions concerning the quality of workshops, the topics and the golden recipe of a workshop will be answered in this interview that The AEGEEan did with Gunnar Erth, who throughout his many years has participated and… Read more →

Renove Version 2.0 in Valladolid

Renovar is Spanish for “Renovate”, which, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary means: 1: To restore to a former better state (as by cleaning, repairing, or rebuilding) 2: To restore to life, vigor, or activity : revive <the church was renovated by a new ecumenical spirit> Years ago, the Spanish government started a plan called “Renove” which consisted of giving an amount of money to everyone who wanted to… Read more →