Who rules the Internet?

With this article I would like to bring to you closer one topic which affects us every day; it is the magical Internet. Did you ever ask yourself the question what is behind the phenomenon that makes you be able to connect with all your friends across the world? Now I don’t refer to a technical point of view, which… Read more →

AEGEE-Utrecht: reliable Media – myth or reality?

The world develops constantly and causes the changes of values, that people have. Scientists call our modern society “information & media-oriented”, because information has recently become the most important value. But is all the information useful? AEGEE-Utrecht tries to find the answer to this difficult question. The most important and valuable resource in our modern society is information. We receive… Read more →

Improving the society through taking care of others

Two locals, AEGEE-Skopje and AEGEE-Kragujevac, celebrate different humanitarian events and help out people by teaching them, gathering basic supplies and giving them the best thing they have: their time. It can be seen how, in times of austerity, the budgets start to be reduced. As a consequence, governmental decisions, but especially daily citizens’ lives begin to shift. It is in this… Read more →

EduCoach kick-off meeting in Eindhoven

On 8th-9th of November 2012 Kathrin Renner and Anna Gots took part in the kick-off meeting of the EduCoach project – last initiative of Study Portals, supported by the European Commission under the Erasmus Mundus Action 3, in Eindhoven. EduCoach project will help millions of students and PhD Candidates with personal professional advice to improve the quality of their decision… Read more →