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The Action Agenda Coordination Committee: AEGEE ACTs!

The Action Agenda Coordination Committee (ACT) was officially established as a supporting committee of AEGEE-Europe in the Spring Agora Enschede in 2012. ACT’s most important task is to help the Network implement the Action Agenda. The Action Agenda is one of the most important documents created within AEGEE. It contains actions to be taken by locals in order to progress… Read more →

Joanna Pankowska – EPM Topic on “No Topic, Strong Focus (on Focus Areas/Action Agenda)”

At Autumn Agora Kyiv we are going to vote for the European Planning Meeting (EPM) topic and we can choose from five. Joanna Pankowska from AEGEE-Warszawa had a bold idea and proposed the topic “No topic, strong focus (on Focus Areas/Action Agenda)”. If this topic will be chosen, at the EPM Leiden 2016 we will discuss our focus area, instead… Read more →

Proposals for Dummies V: Proposals only at the Autumn Agora, Election of Coordinator of WG and AEGEE Social Responsibility Fund

Just like we did for the last Agorae, for Autumn Agora Kyïv we want to provide you again with a short and easy summary of the proposals submitted. In this fifth and last round, we will be explaining you three proposals, namely ‘Presenting proposals only at the Autumn Agora’, ‘Electing the Working Group Coordinators’ and ‘Financial Rules: AEGEE Social Responsibility… Read more →

Proposals for Dummies 6: Reforming Working Groups

Last but not least, we introduce the proposal Reforming Working Groups, Policy Work and Action Agenda execution, proposed by Mayri Tiido, Ivan Bielik and Paul Smits from the Comité Directeur. If accepted, this proposal will radically change Working Groups as we know them. When, during Autumn Agora Cagliari, the Visa Freedom Working Group, was deleted, it was clear that Working… Read more →

What the Frack?

You might have heard about protests against fracking already. Romania is the most recent case of big protests this week, where an American gas company has started to explore their big reserves which may consolidate the country’s role as the largest gas producer in Central-Eastern Europe. But at what cost? What are the negative effects of Fracking?   Since the… Read more →