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HRTC Passau: The Place to Unleash Your Talents

In AEGEE, we have several committees to support the work of the organisation, such as the newly revived Human Resources Committee (HRC). As the name says, this committee works on the human resources of AEGEE-Europe in many different ways. An example of this would be the Human Resources Regional Training Course, which was organised in Passau last January by AEGEE-Passau… Read more →

ACTive Local of the Month AEGEE-Kraków: “Don’t Be Afraid to Be Awesome!”

Another local being very ACTive in the past months is AEGEE-Kraków, which organised a Regional Training Course (RTC) about start-ups and investing. We spoke to Mateusz Gierczak, President of the local and Coordinator of the RTC, to find out more about what this Polish local did, does and will do!  Can you tell us a bit more about your local?… Read more →