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SHARE Meeting, a Place to Discuss Current Issues and Challenges of Our Organisation

For years known as European Level meeting, there is a rendezvous of members of the Agora who are not tired of constructive discussions and spend some time more over the issues and challenges of our organisation. Before Autumn Agora Cagliari, then Human Resource Director Ivan Bielik and Comité Directeur 52 decided to change the original concept opening it to everyone… Read more →

The Ins and Outs of the SHARE Meetings with… Anna Gumbau

Who’s excited for the Spring Agora? As May has started, so has the countdown for the great statutory event in Bergamo. As great as the Agora is, the opportunity is limited to freely discuss matters which concern AEGEE members. Therefore, a platform to speak your mind about all pressing problems was developed a few years ago: the SHARE Meeting. Looking back at our article… Read more →