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AEGEE-Tilburg’s International Champions League

For the third time AEGEE-Tilburg organised the International Champions League. The ICL is a sports event where students and refugees spend a day together by attending a football tournament and several other sports and games like badminton, table tennis, chess and others.    Why? Refugees in the Netherlands all have one thing in common, which is the long wait for… Read more →

A Night Run in the Heart of Moldova

On the past 24th of March, AEGEE-Chişinău organised a run which involved not just students and teenagers but people of all ages. Here you can find all pictures of this very successful event. We interviewed Nadejda Hadjivu, from the Moldovan local, who told us more about it.   The AEGEEan: Can you tell us something about the “Neon Night Run”? Why… Read more →

Kicking the Ball Against Racism

While many AEGEE members were spending their time green travelling with the destination Mannheim, the Sports Working Group (SWG) was hosting a football tournament for the ones already in the city. The idea behind the active afternoon was not only to raise awareness about physical activity but also to inform members about the topic of racism in sports. In a… Read more →

AEGEEans volunteering at sport events

One of the activities suggested by the Sports Working Group (SWG) was to volunteer at international sport events. That would encourage youth participation while strengthening the network between AEGEEans and companies or organisations, and also providing the opportunity of gaining experience and inspiration to organise events in AEGEE. AEGEE-København member Patricia Anthony told us a bit about the Euro 2012… Read more →

Putting Sports into AEGEE

A little more than a month ago the Sportive Working Group was introduced to the Network at Agora Enschede. A nervous introduction by AEGEE-Koebenhavn member Patricia Anthony, a suggestion of name change to Sports Working Group and some abstentions were part of the scenario that took place before this working group eventually was approved by the Agora Enschede delegates. Hard… Read more →