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Proposals for Dummies 6: Reforming Working Groups

Last but not least, we introduce the proposal Reforming Working Groups, Policy Work and Action Agenda execution, proposed by Mayri Tiido, Ivan Bielik and Paul Smits from the Comité Directeur. If accepted, this proposal will radically change Working Groups as we know them. When, during Autumn Agora Cagliari, the Visa Freedom Working Group, was deleted, it was clear that Working… Read more →

ACTive Local of the Month AEGEE-Amsterdam: “Contributing to the Action Agenda is an easy way to activate members and have fun!”

In December, we elected the first ACTive Local of the Month, which was AEGEE-Heraklio for their event about the human rights situation of deaf people. This month, AEGEE-Amsterdam was elected for their contribution to the Focus Area of Spreading Europtimism with an evening about Europe under the name of ‘Me, myself and Europe’. Time to speak to them to find… Read more →

The CD52’s Resolutions for 2015: Keeping Up with its Activity Plan

The Comité Directeur 2014 – 2015 of AEGEE-Europe, also known as CD52, is back at the Brussels head office, ready to continue the implementation of their Activity Plan and the initiatives they are involved in. They will not be alone though, because they can count on the help of several home-based assistants, who will support the CD in some relevant areas,… Read more →

The Action Agenda, the ACT and the new Active Local of the Month award!

Since the new Action Agenda Coordination Committee started working after Agora Patra, one of the main aims of the body has become spreading knowledge about the strategic work of AEGEE-Europe. This means giving a lot of attention to promoting the Action Agenda and Strategic Plan, and a good way to do it is, why not, rewarding the antennae fulfilling the… Read more →

The new ACT team: “We’re working and planning to have a really strong PR management”

After the Open Call held last May, a new Action Agenda Coordination Committee (ACT) was selected. Despite having been announced only in August, the team has already started to work on new projects and on finding ways to bring the Action Agenda and the Strategic Plan closer to the Network. Members of the Speaker Team, Ruben Navarro and Monika Duda,… Read more →

AEGEE and the Subtleties of Peacebuilding

“Against. – Against. – Against. – …” At the Agora Zaragoza, the Focus Area named “Peacebuilding” received a clear negative vote. Does that mean that AEGEE is not interested in this topic, or do we believe we don’t have the capacity to work on it? Or is there a different explanation? – A short inquiry into one of our favourite misconceptions.… Read more →

Bringing the Action Agenda and Strategic Plan closer to the Network

 Nicola Guida (AEGEE-Napoli) and Anna van den Berg (AEGEE-Groningen) are part of the new Action Agenda Coordination Committee (ACT) team. Besides being members of ACT they are also subcommies of different Network Commissioners, so even though they had many tasks at Agora Zaragoza, The AEGEEan managed to catch up with the two of them.   Why did you decide to… Read more →

Local of the Month: AEGEE-Genova and its Outstanding Planning Meeting

If someone still believes that stereotype about the citizens of Genova being greedy and narrow-minded, they haven’t met the members of AEGEE-Genova. This young local, who signed the Convention d’Adhésion at EBM Riga 2011, is growing fast and definitely likes to think big. That was the reason they organized the Planning Meeting 2013, where a wide group of AEGEEans gathered… Read more →